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Paleo Food Tours NYC - Eat Like a Caveman

If you have a New York size caveman appetite then the newest and only NYC Paleo Food Tour is arriving on time to the biggest cave in the world -- Grand Central Terminal.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2014 -- Paleo Food Tours NYC is the most interactive, novel and uniquely delicious prehistoric food tour that explores New York's Grand Central Terminal on a quest to unearth its hidden primal culinary delights. Moreover with the summer season in full swing what better way to celebrate this world famous terminal than to take a caveman size big bite out of its illustrious past.

Paleo Food Tours are now taking its participants on a trip back through time as they unearth man's culinary paleolithic past. They'll also look backwards into Grand Central Terminal's amazing history, all the while chowing down on some tasty paleo delectables. And leading the tour's groups of paleolithic thrill seekers will be Paleo Food Tours own Dr. Stew and Dr. Pete licensed NYC tour guides aka the Comical Nutritional Aficionados.

“When people dig up the origins of a whole slew of different paleo foods it's almost like being on an archaeological dig with Indiana Jones right here in the heart of NYC,” says Dr. Pete & Dr. Stew of Paleo Food Tours. “Also Grand Central is a great setting for our Paleo Food Tours since this iconic terminal has been around for over 100 years and its unparalleled history is written in the very rooms, hallways and platforms of this amazing terminal.”

Furthermore with the aid of audio visual technology Paleo Food Tours will enhance this prehistoric adventure by delving into our ancestral hunter gathers past all the the while shedding a bright light on different modern stone age paleo foods -- creating a multi sensory experience of taste, sound and sights which means one mouth watering Yabba Dabba Doo time.

So instead of catching a bite to eat at the local dinner, why not catch the train to New York's Grand Central Terminal and join Paleo Food Tours as they unravel millenniums of food history while chowing down like a modern caveman.

About Paleo Food Tours
Paleo Food Tours ( is New York's only paleo prehistoric interactive food tour that allows participants to eat like a caveman in New York's 21st century. Their food tours are open to public private and corporate events.