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Panacur Suspension to Get Rid of Worms in Dogs


Hialeah Gardens, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2014 -- Worms are really dangerous for the health of dogs. Some studies show that worms are transferred to the puppies from the mother dog. Apart from this reason worms can occur by eating infected or improperly cooked food. Worms are the parasite that live on the host and deteriorate host’s body by consuming important nutrients from it. Especially in dogs with weak immune system worms bring hazardous conditions like vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and sometimes even death of the dog. So the owners want to start the treatment as soon as possible when detected.

Panacur C Cainine Dewormer is the medicine designed and made for treating various kinds of worms in the dogs. It attacks and kills roundworm, hookworm, fluke, tapeworm, nematode, whipworms, and even protozoa. Febendazole granules 22.2% is the major active ingredient used in this product. This medicine can be given to dogs of any breed older than 6 weeks. Dosage is decided according to the weight of the pet. This is a completely safe product even for the pregnant and nursing dogs. This is a very effective product for this condition. It takes just two weeks to show effect. According to US clinical research only 3 out of 240 dogs [just1.25%] had problem like vomiting with this product.

Some precautions are neededwhen using Panacur C. Do not give this product to dogs under 6 weeks. This product is suitable only for dogs so do not give it to cats. Protective clothing on hand and feet should be worn to avoid infection. Proper dosage according to weight should be given. Read direction carefully. Take care of hygiene where pet spends most of the time.