ParadigmNext and Christina Giordano Consulting, LLC Join Forces

ParadigmNext has partnered and joined forces with Christina Giordano Consulting, LLC to optimize their social media efforts for their clients.


Glenview, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/01/2014 -- It is 2014, and the world of social media management is no longer a strictly inhouse type of affair. Among a bevy of projects, development, and marketing operations exists a limited amount of time. Growth is obviously a good thing, but with growth comes an enormity of challenges and obstacles to overcome.

ParadigmNext is happy to be experiencing a heavy workload. We know it means growth. Our challenges have been nuanced as well. Our social media efforts ought to be approached with the same veracity as our growth. In order to accommodate this growth, we’ve partnered and joined forces with Christina Giordano Consulting, LLC whose president and namesake is prepared for a world of work and experience.

Yana Nirshberg, ParadigmNext’s Marketing Director had worked with Giordano on a previous venture and her experience and knowledgeability was so impressive that Nirshberg brought her on to work with ParadigmNext.

Giordano will be responsible for and oversee all of our social media endeavours. From posting, to evaluation, to ideation, Giordano knows the discipline in and out, and ParadigmNext is very lucky to have her on board.

In terms of a social media strategy, we are embarking on a total original content approach. We want to be able to control what we write, how we post it, and where it will be posted. Ensuring a robust web presence is not just a goal for ParadigmNext, but for our clients as well.

Through a series of efforts, ParadigmNext and Christina Giordano will focus on these three keys for social media projects:


Exposure will help ParadigmNext and our clients say ‘Hello World!’ It is the first step on the stairs of marketing. People need to know who you are.

Engagement will allow ParadigmNext and our clients to receive feedback and real time data from users about products and services.

Relevance will keep a social media presence fresh and something that would be a destination no matter what day it is.

With a partnership as stellar as ParadigmNext and Christina Giordano Consulting, only good things can come about!