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Parents Be Aware: Youth Academic Success Begins at Home


Waterloo, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2014 -- Involved parents are often the hidden resource behind a successful child's education. This hasn't always been the way though. Recently, more parents have taken an active role to encourage improvement and reiterate concepts that are learned at school. These parents believe that a good grasp of early theories and concepts is positively correlated to long term success.

How parents are involved matters- asking a child about their day and helping reiterate concepts in a fun way are very important. A parents attitude about education and work ethic can inspire or cripple a child's drive to succeed.

"I guess it's natural for any parent to want their child to do the best they can in school. Personally, I also want him have a great time at school, enjoy learning and excel in all the major courses," said the mother of a 5-year old boy, Martha Greiger.

Advanced reading, writing, and math skills have also been linked to the development of better confidence levels, thus helping a student become more motivated to go to school.

Mrs. Greiger's son has just completed kindergarten. Since the beginning of summer, she has been spending lots of time to best prepare him for Grade 1. "I really invested in educational toys and booklets for him. I wanted to make sure he is prepared," she shared.

However, not all parents have it as easy as Greiger. Recent statistic shows that most kids attention span is as short as 5 minutes. This has posed a huge challenge for parents to have meaningful educational sessions with their children. The prevalence of child-friendly technology has been linked to the worsening of kids' attention span.

"It is really concerning for my wife and I to continually try and reiterate math skills that will help our daughter get through grade 2, yet not being able to keep her attention for more than 10 minutes," said Tony Mason.

Mason also shared his concerns about his daughter's performance in school, given her limited attention span.

"As parents, we really want the best for her. All her elder siblings are doing relatively well in school," added Mason, who also shared that they are currently looking into school learning kits for their daughter.

Learning kits such as the ones featured in are creative, fun and attractive workbook materials that were specifically crafted for children to make learning more engaging and fun.

Most of these kits are focused on teaching and improving a child's reading, writing, and math skills. Parents and pre-school teachers can benefit from these materials in developing a child's basic learning foundation.