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Parents: Child's Literary Success Linked to Home Learning Activities


Waterloo, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/19/2014 -- Learning to read, write and spell is as crucial to children's career success as it is their social lives. Picking up the necessary skills at a young age is important and more parents are trying to play a key role in their child's development.

Child psychology experts have recently exposed the myths behind spelling drills and why they may not be as effective as we once thought. Experts are now suggesting that parents immerse their child in a reading environment, one that involves constant reading sessions with more opportunities for writing and actual conversations. These activities are seen to help children understand and not just memorize more words. On average, a child can learn a maximum of 10 new words per day, with constant exposure to literary influences.

Moreover, regular reading time with parents have been linked to faster learning and improved study habits among kids, psychologists suggest. This addresses concerns of more than 90 percent of parents on their children's competency as they reach their schooling age.

Instead of focusing more on sophisticated learning materials, child development experts are likewise encouraging parents to be more involved with the kids' learning process, especially between ages 3 to 10 years old.

"Parents are typically concerned about the attention span of their kids fearing that this may affect the study habits. But, what they need to realize is their crucial role in simply developing and improving these study habits," said Child Psychologist and Early Educator Greg Bale.

According to Bale, pre-schoolers who perform better in schools are those who are closely monitored by their parents at home.He shared that the students understand lessons faster and are more participative in classes.

Improving study habits at home can be done by reading stories before bed time, playing puzzles, and even drawing together. These activities are also seen to help develop other cognitive skills like mathematics, writing, and spelling.

"Highly traditional ways of teaching kids their lessons can get too tedious for them, given that their learning focus is already somehow exhausted at school. With this, it is important for parents to come up with more creative and fun ways to engage their kids in learning activities at home," Bale said.

About The Bright Kids Inc
The Bright Kids Inc is an early learning company that specializes in home learning materials that parents can use to supplement their kids' development. They currently feature a grade two spelling help at home material, which aims to assist parents in teaching their kids words with the right context.
This material forms part of the company's English workout series.

"Learning does not always have to expensive. Sometimes, it just need to be creative and consistent," said Angel Hubert of Bright Kids Inc.