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Pastafina Pasta and Veggie Cooker - READ BEFORE YOU BUY

Cook pasta in as little as 3 minutes with the Pastafina Pasta Cooker by Chef Tony. Find out how this product works and why it's become a top seller on As Seen on TV Canada.


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/10/2014 -- Pasta is a popular food item but typically requires a lot of preparation and cleaning. For those who are pasta lovers a new product has been advertised on television on Canada and the United States that claims to simplify the process and reduce the mess.

Pastafina by Chef Tony is an As Seen on TV product which allows anyone to cook 1 pound of pasta, hot dogs, vegetables and more in as little as 3 minutes. It removes the hassle of cleaning pots and strainers since it can all be done with this cooking device.

Cooking using Pastafina is very easy. Simple pour the pasta into the cylinders. Pour in boiling water and place the strainer lid on top. In just three minutes your pasta will be cooked. To serve just pop the top, drain the water and the pasta will be ready to serve. No more lumps or clumps.

Pastafina come in cylindrical shapes. It's unique vertical design surrounds the pasta while maintaining the perfect temperature. It works perfect for cooking vegetables since it maintains the nutrients instead of boiling them away making for healthier meals.

Use it to cook different types of pasta such as pasta primavera, macaroni, tortellini, rigatoni, farfalle, spaghetti and more. It's also perfect for cooking veggies such as peas and carrots, asparagus, mixed vegetable medley and broccoli. Use it to make hot dogs for the kids in just minutes.

Pastafina Reviews:

"After reading some Pastafina reviews online I decided to place an order. It took only a week for delivery. I love this pasta cooker since it eliminates any guesswork in cooking pasta. I don't have to hover over the pasta and watch it cook since it does all the work, is faster and easier than traditional ways of cooking pasta. It has a built in strainer which eliminates the need for colanders so serving is also easier. Cleanup is a breeze - when I'm finishing using it I just place it in the dishwasher.

"This product worked exactly as advertised and does just what Chef Tony says in the commercial. Cooking pasta has never been easier with Pastafina. It cooks pasta to perfection every time. I got mixed results in the beginning but after some practice it works better than using traditional pots and strainers less the mess. Cleaning the cylinder just requires a quick rinse. This is a product that anyone would find useful in the kitchen." -Desana Potoczny

Currently Pastafina is being offered as a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE web promotion at As Seen on TV Canada for only $10 plus shipping and handling. Get a second Pastafina absolutely free with additional handling fee. It includes a 30 day money-back guarantee. For those who want to send it back will get a full refund less shipping and handling charges.

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