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Payroll Report Found to Cease Payroll Fraud


London, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2012 -- A published report from UK’s Fraud Prevention Service, CIFAS, showed in their report that in a survey of 127 organisations all but two had experienced employee fraud.

Court reports also showed a number of payroll fraud cases have been piling up and business owner’s, small or big, have been searching for solutions.

Ian Buchan, corporate relationship director quoted:

“None of the payroll providers were making noises about functionality. It was always a sensible fit that auto-enrolment would sit with the payroll provider. We were asking around, who is doing what? I was at numerous conferences, and there were never any payroll companies trying to put this forward.”

“We recognise that employers will need help to prevent payroll fraud. The information we have is that payroll providers are interested over the longer term, but that in the short term RTI has dominated attention. It’s a much nearer timescale. Many payroll providers felt uncomfortable dealing with pensions. We’ve effectively stepped in to try to help as much as we can.”, says Edmund Downes, pensions manager.

“Platforms such as of this company give developers a way of bringing out new applications more rapidly than if they had to build from scratch,” explains Phil Wainewright, chairman of EuroCloud UK, the UK-based community of Software-as-a-Service, cloud computing vendors and industry experts.

He also added, “And it’s especially helpful for companies such as this one, where the developer wants to do something with the ability to operate on a global scale from the start. Indeed, although the Payflow module has only just been introduced, it is already in operation at three Fairsail US-based customers.”

About Payroll Report,
Payroll Report is designed to engage and inform on the payroll questions and challenges faced by small to medium sized enterprises to achieve payroll fraud prevention throughout the United Kingdom as well as offering sector specific payroll information.