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Payroll Report Hand out Tips on How to Combat Payroll Fraud


Mayfair, London -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/03/2012 -- “The University of Leicester conducted research in 2003 it found that 70 per cent of the 2,000 people questioned admitted that they would commit fraud if they could get away with it. Around nine years have passed since this research was published and in that time we have experienced one of the worst recessions this century, making fraud like payroll fraud all the more tempting for those struggling to pay the bills.”, as quoted from Jackie Cosh’s article.

Payroll Report, owner of the website , listed their 10 tips.

- Recruitment
- Limited access
- Undertake regular reviews of your controls
- Password management
- Segregation of duties
- Outsource your payroll
- Keep your physical payroll files under lock and key
- Keep sensitive information sensitive
- Conduct random checks
- Hot review payroll

“You can read more about our 10 tips on our page : Prevent Payroll Fraud”, says the company’s spokesperson.

“If you would like us to find you a custom quote to match your specific payroll requirements, request a quote at Payroll Report.”, he added.

About Payroll Report
Payroll Report is designed to engage and inform on the payroll questions and challenges faced by small to medium sized enterprises to achieve payroll fraud prevention throughout the United Kingdom as well as offering sector specific payroll information.