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"Peroxide Teeth Whitening Is a Passe! Get a Dazzling Smile with a Non Peroxide Formula This Christmas ", Says SmileWhiteSystem.com

“Peroxide teeth whitening carries one major drawback that it can result in teeth sensitivity. No longer EU compliant, peroxide teeth whitening kits are on their way out”, says SmileWhiteSystem.com


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/18/2012 -- With the festive season ringing in, people are spending a fortune on grooming themselves. While nothing can be more embarrassing than a stained and yellow smile, teeth whitening kits need to be used with care and caution.

According to a SmileWhiteSystem.com spokesperson, “ Most of the teeth whitening kits use carbamide peroxide as a teeth whitening agent. Though they come with all sort of claims, fact of the matter is that they can be detrimental to teeth health when used without consulting a dentist. One of the most common complaints they are likely to result in is teeth sensitivity. Though such kits are still freely available, they are not EU compliant any more.”

“Zero Peroxide is a home teeth whitening kit that’s formulated with sodium bicarbonate as the main ingredient along with other natural whiteners that include pomegranate and chemomile. Zero Peroxide seems to be a safe and effective alternative to peroxide based teeth whitening products in the marketplace. Being EU compliant, it seems to be getting increasingly popular with each passing day”, says SmileWhiteSystem.com spokesperson.

SmileWhiteSystem.com has done their own review of Zero Peroxide and some of the key findings are as follows:

- Zero sensitivity formula that helps whiten teeth with just 20 minutes application. This seems to better than most of the other teeth whitening kits that need to be used for at least 30 minutes in every application.

- A teeth whitening pen is offered free with every order. This is supposed to be a great addition since a teeth whitening pen can be used to get your teeth whiter on the go.

- Superior clear mouth trays and LED light for faster results.

- Complete money back guarantee for 30 days.

“It seems to be great product that can help anyone get a great smile this Christmas. It’s great as a gift too”, said a SmileWhiteSystem.com spokesperson.

For more information of Zero Peroxide, visit http://smilewhitesystem.com/zero-peroxide-review

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