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Pet Heart Failure Treatment - Enalapril


Hialeah Gardens, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/27/2014 -- The heart is the power house which keeps the body working. As the heart relaxes and contract it sends blood to every organ of the body, supplying life. In the condition known as congestive heart failure, the heart muscle fails to function properly. This condition can cause serious complications and can even cause sudden death in serious cases. Enalapril aids in heart health and supports pets with heart disease.

Ailment Associated with Product:
Congestive heart failure is primarily due to a formality change within the right chamber of the heart. This formality causes the heart to pump at a lower rate than is required by the body. Formalities of the heart are hereditary and reports have shown canine breeds such as the boxer are extremely prevalent to the disease. A parasite infestation can also cause congestive heart failure due to work over load. Heart works thrive within the hearts of dogs and cats, blocking the flow of blood, causing the heart to work twice as hard.

Congestive heart failure will present specific signs and symptoms that link pets to the disease. Congestive heart failure symptoms may include; distension of the abdomen, liver enlargement, breathing difficulties, lethargy, weakness, and collapse. Heart failure alone can be caused by a number of underlying conditions, however in congestive heart failure; its underlying cause is due to a structural abnormality. Tears in the heart’s wall, congestive shunts, problems with valves, and a number of other complications can lead to inadequate blood flow to the body.

Product to cure ailment:
Enalapril is a medication used for patients with heart failure. Known by its brand names; Vasotec or Enacard, Enalapril is FDA approved for use in both canines and felines. This uniquely formulated drug is classified as an ACE inhibitor and is available as an oral liquid as well as tablets of 20, 10, 5, 2.5, and 1 mgs.

Not only is Enalapril prescribed for heart failure, but is also commonly prescribed to patients with high blood pressure, dilated cardiomyopathy, and even those with kidney failure. Enalapril works by inhibiting a unique enzyme known as ACE or angiotensin converting enzyme. The ACE enzyme controls the dilations and constrictions of the heart’s vessels. By controlling this enzyme, Enalapril can reduce pressure caused by pumping blood through the heart therefore easing the work load of the heart in general. Enalapril has also shown to work for decreasing fluid accumulations within the abdomen and ease strain on the kidneys.

Commonly affected breed, Breed description, and secondary aliments:
Congestive heart failure is commonly found in the Boxer dog breed. The Boxer is a short-haired, medium-sized breed with a square, short muzzle. The Boxer is tightly muscular, with a squarely proportioned body. It stands from 21 to 25 inches in height at the withers, and weighs from 55 to 75 pounds.

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