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Pimp Your Lingo Review: Does It Really Work?

Announcing great news for shy, introvert and hesitant guys! Today's Press Release brings hope that you too CAN easily seduce the girl of your dreams without anything more than your words!


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2014 -- It's an undeniable fact that millions of men all over suffer from lack of confidence when it comes to their relationships with the opposite sex. Men get tongue tied. They feel backward. They are shy to strike up a conversation. But most of all, when it comes to seducing the woman of their dreams, they outright freeze in their tracks! But today's Press Release changes all of that - once and for all!

Renowned dating expert Stephan Erdman is extremely pleased to unveil his secret Pimp Your Lingo system through today's announcement. Based on mainstream psychological principles, this system is already being used by 1000's of men overcome their inhibitions around women, become masters at attracting women, and to become men who went from no dates at all to attracting a great girlfriend into their life.

Research has shown that cheap manipulative tricks and cheesy pick-up routines might work sometime. But in the long run, those gimmicks aren't likely to be successful. Men using those techniques inevitably end up lonesome and lonely once again. Through today's Press Release, Erdman wishes guys to know that it doesn't have to be that way.

In unveiling Pimp Your Lingo today, guys will see that there is a better and more effective system to attracting and seducing women. And the basic principles of this system are:
- guys don't need to be great talkers to get women to like them
- men don’t have to look hip and cool to seduce women
- it doesn't take cheesy pick-up lines to get a woman attracted to a man
- sleazy bar-room and night-club pick-up routines don't work most of the time

Instead, the proven strategy being announced today is meant to be used by men to attract and seduce women in a way that these women truly wish to be seduced. And the secrets revealed in this proven system are based on using a woman's own words to create interactions that ultimately lead into seduction. A woman won't feel tricked. She won't feel betrayed. She won't feel she's been lied to. In fact, this system is all about convincing a woman that it is SHE that chooses to be seduced by a man.

Many men live their lives in solitude and depression because their love life sucks. And even their sex lives are in shambles. They often are tempted to crawl the bars and night clubs in order to make "pickups". Relationship experts and dating specialists all agree that most "pick up artists" use made up routines and hollow profiles of themselves to attract women. Evidence proves that those relationships are usually not very fulfilling.

Pimp Your Lingo is deeply grounded in mainstream psychology, uses NLP principles, and has evolved as a product of real-life situations where the creator has actually used it to create a genuine rapport with women, to connect with them, and to flirt and seduce girls of their own free will.

And today's Press Release is all about making all of those opportunities available to men all over who wish to learn the art of seducing women using words to turn men into attractive guys in the eyes of ANY woman they desire.

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About Stephan Erdman
Until a few years ago, Stephan Erdman was in a predicament much like many single men find themselves today: Shy, awkward around women, unable to establish a "real" relationship with a girl. But he was determined to change all that. And that's when Erdman created the Pimp Your Lingo system. Having used it successfully to turn around his love and sex life, Erdman went on to teach the system to thousands of single men all over.

Unlike many others in this field, Stephan Erdman prefers to use his REAL name when standing behind his creation. Erdman also refuses to call himself a "guru" of any sorts. But yet, his approach to making women attracted to guys, and getting them to be seduced with carefully chosen words, is known as the "Authentic Game" across the net sphere. The system is so successful that other love, dating and relationship coaches eagerly link to and promote it.