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Pip Mavens Icarus Project by Christopher Lee Aims for Making 10% Monthly Return with 2-4 Trades Per Month

The aim of this Icarus Project is to help the traders grow their forex trading account with low effort.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/18/2014 -- Pip Mavens Icarus Project has been started by Christopher Lee. The aim of this Icarus Project is to help the traders grow their forex trading account with low effort. The focus is on developing the trading mind. The initial focus will be to take the account to a certain critical mass and then draw a regular monthly income from it. This can take from 7 months to 21 months depending on the starting capital. The traders will be taught how to interpret the market sentiment using economic indicators, stock indices and commodity charts. The aim will be to take 2-4 trades per month and make an average monthly return of 5-10%.

This is what Christopher Lee says: “My name is Christopher Lee, and in summer 2009 a group of traders and I set out to navigate the markets together. We called our little group the Pip Mavens Inner Circle. This was the first time I’d shown my full trading method in front of a Live audience… and boy, was it put through some serious testing.

You see, it’s one thing to trade own my own, in my own private space – it’s quite another to make trade calls and take losses in the public spotlight. Trading profitably is challenging enough as it is. Add to that the pressure of having my every move scrutinized and commented upon, and you know this is something only an effective trading strategy can pull off.

Over a period 3 years, our members have seen me take many hits and misses. We’ve had a good time trading together, and the results will speak for themselves: a total of 182 trades with a 71% winning rate. The Icarus Project is the complete training program to impart to you the exact same skills, mindset and strategies that got us these results.”

About Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee is a successful forex trader from Singapore. He is considered to be a master of price action. His popular product is Forex Candlesticks Made Easy.

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