Play What You Hear Review: MUST Read Before Buying

Learning to play the jazz guitar used to be challenging. But not any longer! Today's Press Release offers intermediate level guitar enthusiasts a unique way to hone their skills by playing what they hear!


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2014 -- There's no better guitar teacher than someone that's learned the hard way, practiced for years, and then gone on to play the guitar professionally for decades. In "Play What You Hear", 20+ year guitar veteran, jazz recording artist and guitar educator Chris Standring has produced a jazz guitar playing course that intermediate guitar learners will find astonishingly simple to follow and quick to learn from.

Through a uniquely personal approach, this course teaches jazz guitar learners how to master the art of playing virtually any song, tune or note that they hear. And because of the over 15+ years worth of instruction that the course delivers, students will:
- tremendously increase their musical vocabulary!
- be able to move seamlessly from one musical situation to another!
- master the art of playing jazz on a guitar with no restrictions whatsoever!

The best part of "Play What You Hear" is that it makes use of the latest cutting edge technology that makes "learning on demand" a breeze. Using the online content that can be downloaded in minutes, students can now learn when they feel like it and where they want. The clear streaming video lessons, crisp and precise flash audio sound tracks, and elaborate series of graphs and images have been specifically produced to enhance the learning experience while at the same tile delivering high quality content.

As an added advantage, students can also print the entire course using the 188-page PDF file that comes along with the course package. This allows learners to quickly refer to any segment of the lesson so they can refresh their memories and practice each step thoroughly.

There's ample evidence that example-based teaching works far better than any other learning technique. With over 300+ audio examples and play along files, "Play What You Hear" gives students ample opportunity to listen before they play, or simply play along while listening. Chris's unique "Click to hear" approach provides convenient links to additional learning materials throughout the course. What this means is that students can easily click on a link anywhere in the lesson to quickly hear exactly how the course segment being taught should sound and then they can "play what they hear!"

But today's Press Release brings additional good news to aspiring learners of the jazz guitar playing style. Now, for a limited time only, "Play What You Hear" comes with two additional FREE Bonus offerings:
- Bonus#1: Jazz Guitar Talk - which exposes students to the views of some of jazz's great players on what it takes to make the ranks of the greats!
- Bonus#2: Chord Finder and Ear trainer - which is an interactive module that allows learners to locate a chord and then click on an image to hear how it sounds!

With so many unique features and Bonus offerings to benefit from, students learning to play the jazz guitar through "Play What You Hear" are guaranteed to learn quickly and effectively.

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About Chris Standring
With 20+ years as a jazz recording artist, guitar educator and musician, Chris Standring is ideally placed to help aspiring guitar learners master the art of jazz guitar playing. From following a conductor in Broadway style musicals, to involvement in Hollywood recording sessions, to entertaining thousands of jazz fans in live events - Chris has done it all.