Poland Conventional Energy Construction Industry 2014 Analysis


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2014 -- The collection of ‘Heavy Construction’ market research reports has a new addition of “Conventional energy construction in Poland 2014. Development forecasts and planned investments” on RnRMarketResearch.com.

Locate conventional energy construction opportunity in Poland

Report examines planned projects, investment outlook and forecasts for development.

Searching for market data and analysis can be a time consuming process. Depending upon the topic, the information you seek can be widely dispersed between sources that are questionable in terms of reliability.

Now you can find everything you need in one place, for one price. A single document provides complete coverage of Poland’s conventional energy construction sector – from value of the market and size of investments now underway or in the planning stages to location information and the regulatory circumstances in the market. Conventional energy construction in Poland, Development forecasts and planned investments examines the market’s level of investment activity, profiles top companies and delivers forecasts for short and long term development. It includes all conventional energy projects – facilities fuelled by coal, natural gas, lignite and nuclear power sources.

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This valuable publication surveys a wide range of planned conventional power investments in Poland and reveals important details such as: main investors, power blocks, current project status, available visualisations and expected dates of completion. It pinpoints locations of major projects across Poland and scrutinizes the investment activities of the market’s major players, as well as other funding options available for new construction and renovation of conventional power generation plants and infrastructure.

In addition to in-depth coverage of the investment environment in this sector, this report looks at Polish conventional energy production. It provides reliable data describing the size (MW) and value (in PLN bn) of the market and its output – including SWOT analysis. It gauges the capacity for conventional energy production by source – coal, natural gas, lignite and nuclear and profiles the market’s leading producers along with their plans to add and upgrade the facilities and equipment needed to meet consumer demand.

This all-purpose document defines the opportunities available in this segment of the Polish construction industry and the obstacles to successful completion of conventional power construction investments in Poland. It also predicts the direction of development that the market is likely to take over the years ahead.

Complete report is available @ http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/conventional-energy-construction-in-poland-2014-development-forecasts-and-planned-investments-market-report.html . Read more on “Conventional energy construction in Poland 2014. Development forecasts and planned investments” report below.

PMR clients have found a variety of uses for this accessible and economical document. Some have used it to launch a new construction business; others have found new partners, clients and opportunities to participate in desirable projects. Conventional energy construction in Poland, Development forecasts and planned investments is also a valuable asset in production planning, demand estimation for construction materials, becoming familiar with the main competition in the marketplace and evaluating projects for purposes of investment. It is essential to the preparation of reports containing market data and analysis for executives and company shareholders.

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Table of Contents

I. Methodology 9

II. Executive summary 11

III. Investments in power networks 17

IV. Investments in conventional energy 33

V. Investments in nuclear energy 73

VI. Profiles of the major investors on the power market 83

VII. List of graphs 93

VIII. List of tables 95

IX. About PMR 96

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