Powerful Fat Busters Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones Rule the Fitness Scene

Natural fat burners like garcinia cambogia, green coffee and raspberry ketone are a big hit with dieters around the world since they can ensure quick, safe and natural weight loss.


New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/05/2014 -- Excess body weight is not just bad for health but can also make one look out of shape. “Slim is in and fat is out” is the mantra these days.

Natural fat burners like garcinia cambogia, green coffee and raspberry ketones are in great demand since they can ensure very quick weight loss. Some of them like garcinia cambogia and green coffee are clinically proven to ensure weight loss even without diet or exercise.

It is not surprising that they are a big hit within the weight loss community.

Garcinia cambogia is supposed to be the most powerful weight loss supplement. It is a three in one dietary supplement. It is a fat burner, fat blocker and also an appetite suppressant.

“Garcinia cambogia can do more than two or three dietary supplements put together. It is rich in HCA or hydroxycitric acid that helps speed up metabolism and also suppresses appetite. More importantly, it is known to prevent fat production in the body by inhibiting enzyme that converts carbohydrates into fat” explains a spokesperson.

Garcinia cambogia has been hailed as the ‘holy grail of weight loss’ by a popular weight loss doctor. Under a clinical trial, people are known to have lost 14 pounds on an average in 8 weeks with garcinia cambogia extract without any change in diet or exercise routine.

Green coffee and raspberry ketone are also very powerful fat busters. conducted a review of Natural Fat Burners hailed by fitness experts some of the top selling diet pills include the following:

Garcinia Cambogia Extra – This is a unique pill that is supposed to be twice as powerful as most of the other natural fat burners since it is a blend of garcinia extract and raspberry ketones. Garcinia Cambogia Extract:
- Contains 1000 mg of pure garcinia extract and 200 mg of raspberry ketones
- Ensures fat burning in the body
- Prevents fat production in the body by inhibiting an enzyme that converts sugar into fat
- Suppresses appetite
- Ensures quick weight loss without diet or exercise and has no side effects
- User reviews are excellent

GCB MAX or Green Coffee Bean MAX is one of the fines green coffee diet pills in the market. It is known to contain 800 mg of pure green coffee extract with at least 50% chlorogenic acid. This high level of Chlorogenic acid or GCA makes it a better performing pill as compared to most of the other green coffee diet pills in the market. GCB MAX:
- Helps burn fat and prevents fat accumulation in the body
- Suppresses appetite and ensures very quick weight loss
- Doubles up weight loss results when combined with regular exercise and healthy diet
- No known side effects, rave user reviews and a complete money back guarantee

Raspberry Ketone Plus from Evolution Slimming is a perfect blend of raspberry ketones and 8 other natural fat burners. This is pill that is known to have featured on FOX News too.

“Such pills are a perfect choice when it comes to diet pills. Garcinia Cambogia Extra is the most recommended pill since it is made with two powerful fat burning ingredients. People have been getting incredible weight loss results with it.” says a spokesperson.

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