PPC Campaigns Risk for Negative ROI; Software Helps Reduce Risk and Maximize Results

Bid management software is necessary for running successful PPC campaigns, but is often pricy. New website helps marketers choose and utilize PPC software effectively.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2012 -- Increasingly more website owners are turning to Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing over search engine optimization (SEO). This shift towards PPC comes as a result of numerous changes made to the Google search algorithm over the past year. The changes, known collectively as the “Panda” and Penguin” updates, make it much more difficult for webmasters to manipulate the search engines so their websites appear at the top of the results.

PPC allows users to get their website listed at the top of the search results, but each resulting click will cost a fee. The average cost per click for 2011 was $1.04. With average conversion rates at just about 5%, this makes PPC marketing high risk. Many users even end up having a negative ROI for PPC.

According to the creators of a newly-launched website PPCManagementSoftware.net, “Software is key to running a successful PPC campaign. Bid management software can help improve PPC results by recommending keywords, tracking performance, and optimizing ad groups. Most importantly, PPC software can help marketers save time through automation features, like automatically stopping poorly-performing campaigns or changing cost per click based on preset parameters.”

While PPC software is necessary for running successful PPC campaigns, it isn’t cheap. Marketers can expect to spend high monthly fees or a percentage of their ad spending. Since PPC marketing already cuts into revenue because each lead (click) has an associated cost, many marketers are unwilling or unable to pay for software. PPCManagementSoftware.net addresses this issue in weekly expert articles which guide marketers through the PPC buying process.

In addition to analyzing PPC software platforms and plans, PPC Management Software also gives marketers advice on how to optimize their PPC campaigns. “Google has made SEO so difficult for small to medium businesses that they have no choice but to use PPC. Luckily, it is in Google’s best interest for marketers to see a positive ROI on PPC so they are introducing new ad features like location and call extensions. Our goal is to guide marketers through the rapidly-advancing world of PPC so they get the results they want.”

For free advice about using bid management software, visit PPCManagementSoftware.net.

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