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Precision Nutrition Coaching Program: Important Information Released

Announcing the opening of the Pre-Registration List for the upcoming Precision Nutrition Coaching Program


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2014 -- The Certified Nutrition Coaches at Precision Nutrition Coaching are extremely pleased to announce the opening of the Presale list for the next PN Coaching session. Each year, this dynamic program selects a small group of men and women who want to accomplish specific lifestyle goals. The PN Coaches then put these individuals through a 12 month rigorous program that ultimately leads to them achieving those goals.

The Precision Nutrition Coaching program is a fact-based program that relies on mainstream research that has concluded that:

- exercise alone isn't sufficient to accomplish the weight loss goals that men and women seek to achieve
- it takes balanced nutrition, in concert with exercise, to lead a healthy lifestyle
- it requires external influencing, motivation and professional coaching to help individuals stick with any healthy lifestyle program

And through today's Press Release, the creators of the program are proud to notify men and women interested in leading a healthy lifestyle of the unique opportunities that Precision Nutrition offers for males and females alike. The lifestyle experts at PN have developed specialized coaching for men and for women, because the physical and psychological needs of each of the sexes are unique. Creators of the Precision Nutrition program are convinced, through real results they have seen from their program, that differentiating between the sexes is the key to achieving success.

Opening of formal registration for this year's program will be announced very shortly. As has happened in the past several years, staff at PN expects all of the slots to be completely filled within 10 minutes of formal registration opening. However, through this Press Release, the administrators of the program are proudly unveiling the Precision Nutrition Coaching Program Presale list. Joining this dynamic program:

- helps avoid disappointment by ensuring registrants are guaranteed a space on this year's program
- offers exceptional discounts on program fees to men and women that get on the Presale List
- enables registrants to be part of a draw that could earn them $25,000 in prizes for meeting their fitness and weight loss objectives

For a period of 12 months, Precision Nutrition Coaching Program participants will be mentored, guided, coached, encouraged and monitored closely by professional healthy lifestyle coaches and nutrition experts. Organizers of the program believe that it is only through this kind of close connection with each participant that individuals stay motivated to stick with the program.

According to PN program management, this program is also unique in that it assesses each man and woman individually, and does not use generic lifestyle goals. The idea behind the PN program is to introduce deliberate yet realistic lifestyle changes based on each individual's personal goals. Anecdotal and statistical evidence has proven that this is the only approach that works with certainty.

Join The Precision Nutrition Coaching Program Presale List

About Precision Nutrition
The men and women behind the Precision Nutrition Coaching program are certified Nutrition Coaches and lifestyle experts. They have created the PN program based on an evidence-based approach that creates unique lifestyle strategies for men and women to follow. According to program founders, fitness goals can only be met through a combination of exercise and healthy nutritional choices.

And by introducing the Presale list through today's Press Release, the organizers hope to offer a greater number of men and women the opportunity to reserve their seats in this year's upcoming PN Nutrition Program.