Precision Nutrition Coaching Review: Lose Weight with the Pros

Announcing breakthrough findings about weight loss, healthy lifestyles and achieving your fitness goals: Exercise alone won't get you there!


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2014 -- Through today's Press Release, the nutrition experts at Precision Nutrition Coaching are pleased to share a very important finding that they believe is essential for many men and women who are fighting with weight gain, need to be aware of:


Through many years of helping individuals meet their healthy lifestyle goals, certified Precision Nutrition coaches have observed that the popular belief, that people that work out the hardest are the healthiest, isn't true at all. They found that while a good workout regimen was crucial to staying healthy, it just wasn't enough for the thousands of men and women that they helped.

As a result of this key observation, the certified dieticians, nutritional experts and healthy lifestyle professionals at PN developed a revolutionary program called Precision Nutrition Coaching, which seeks to address the weight loss challenge through a two-pronged strategy:

- a research-based diet and nutrition regimen tailored specifically for each individual
- combined with an exercise program that recognizes every individual is different and has unique lifestyle goals and aspirations

But the Precision Nutrition Coaching program includes many features that have hereto never been incorporated in traditional health and fitness programs. And the experts at PN believe their experience confirms that these unique characteristics of the program are precisely what make it work for everyone that enrolls.

Explaining some of the key highlights of the PN Coaching program, its creators emphasized that:

- participants get access to a dedicated Precision Nutrition (PN) coach, for a period of 12 months, who mentors and encourages them throughout the program
- rather than enforcing changed nutritional habits in one go, the program introduces them gradually, thus giving the program a greater chance of acceptance. This leads to higher success rates.
- the program recognizes that men are different from women, and that every man and every woman enrolled in the program is unique. The Precision Nutrition program has created unique approaches for women and different approaches for men to recognize that men and women have different lifestyle goals and aspirations
- unlike other health and fitness programs, the Precision Nutrition Coaching program therefore doesn't use "templates" or "cookie cutters" when assembling an exercise regimen for each participant. Every participant has his or her own customized version of an exercise plan built to meet individual fitness goals
- Precision Nutrition staff noticed that encouragement, motivation and coaching goes a long way in helping men and women stick with the program. They therefore assign an individual PN Coach to act as a personal "cheer leader" for every man or woman who joins the program.
- the program guarantees results when participants stay the course throughout the entire 12 month program

With formal registration for the next program set to open shortly, today's Press Release also announces the opening of the pre-registration list. Since interested men and women usually snap up the registration slots within 10 minutes of the formal opening, getting on the Pre-list is a great way to ensure a guaranteed spot on the next program.

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About The Precision Nutrition Coaching Program
The Precision Nutrition Coaching program is the creation of professional dieticians, certified nutrition coaches and professional life style experts. It is a one-of-a-kind fitness lifestyle program that differentiates itself from run-of-the-mill gym and exercise programs that are out there.

Today's Press Release underscores the fact that the PN Coaching program is different, in that it attacks the challenge of weight loss through a multi-dimensional approach of diet, exercise, motivation and coaching. The message that the creators of this novel program are giving today is that: "It isn't just enough to hit the gym 7 days a week to stay healthy and lose weight"

One needs to eat well too. But above all, men and women seeking a healthy lifestyle must be coached and encouraged to stick with the program, no matter how difficult things might get. And it is precisely that motivation that the creators of the Precision Nutrition Coaching program are promising through today's Press Release.