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Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Program: The REAL Truth Exposed

The popular belief was that getting in shape by losing weight and eating right isn't for everyone. But today's Press Release sheds light on why that theory is wrong. It also announces the opening up of Pre-Sales registration to a healthy lifestyle program.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2014 -- Traditional wisdom has it that if people want to stay healthy, they needed to work out a lot and sweat even more. The popular belief has always been that "People that worked out the hardest were the healthiest!" But through today's announcement, the Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Coaching program team is challenging that belief.

The message, according to certified Precision Nutrition coaches, brought out in today's Press Release is that: ANYONE that's willing to spend 12 months under the guidance of an expert PN coach can get healthy and maintain a lean and fit lifestyle. The coaches believe that behind the message is the fact that it takes more than just hitting a gym to stay healthy. They hold that it also takes expert guidance, motivation and mentoring.

The latest research indicates that people that want to lose weight and get healthy, if left to their own devices, are likely to give up shortly after starting a program. That's why, through today's Press Release, the creators of Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Coaching program are pleased to announce pre-sale registration into their latest round of enrolments. According to Precision Nutrition sources, this approach to attaining a better body and leading a healthier life is based on:

- a dedicated Precision Nutrition (PN) coach to mentor and encourage program participants for 12 whole months!

- introduction of new and healthy eating habits gradually, so program participants find it easy to adapt

- drawing up an exercise regimen that helps participants feel good while remaining committed to workouts

- strong commitment to encourage and motivate participants to continue the program, despite all odds that may tempt them to give up

- a promise of REAL RESULTS at the end of the 12 month coaching session

Through today's Press Release, the PN team has provided details about how their program is "different". Rather than just provide materials and instructions, hoping individuals will follow the program on their own, the Precision Nutrition Lean Eating program is Coaching-based, which means a coach/mentor is right by the side of the participant, offering encouragement and providing support when it's needed the most.

With official registration for this latest round of Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Coaching set to commence on July 16th 2014, the program sponsors are pleased to announce the opening of a Pre-Sale list today. Because of the exceptional demand from people struggling to get in shape, sessions are often fully (and mostly over!) booked within 24 hours of the official announcement.

Through today's announcement of the Pre-Sales list, the program organizers are hoping to make this program available to a much broader group of individuals, who can take advantage of the opportunity to get healthy using this novel program.

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About Precision Nutrition
The creators of the Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Coaching program are fitness and lifestyle coaches who have many years of coaching and motivational training experience under their belts. Having seen many "sure thing" fitness programs not deliver what they promised, these professionals decided to develop a new kind of program - one that not only helps people lose weight by modifying their eating habits, but that has been designed to work quickly and effectively.

These coaches were driven by a genuine passion to help ordinary people get healthy. Their motivation for offering the Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Coaching program comes from the strong belief that gradual and slight changes in eating and dieting habits, coupled with a robust exercising program CAN HELP individuals get in shape and stay healthy. And through today's Press Release, that's exactly what the authors are sharing with the world.