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Prime Analyst Binary Option Signals Software That Made $75,939 in 1 Week Being Given FREE for 60 Days!

John James had developed this secret binary formula and he's pulling in over $236,708.43 per month from multiple binary brokers.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2014 -- Prime Analyst is a new binary option signal software that has been developed. John James had developed this secret Prime Analyst binary formula and he's pulling in over $236,708.43 per month from multiple binary brokers. His highly guarded software is unbelievable, it consists of a brand new 'Auto-Adaptive Profit-Trade Technology & provides its end users with Super-Accurate Leading Signals! This is something so incredibly profitable it's ridiculous. That's right! $760 in profit in just 72 seconds!

Binary option trading is becoming popular with traders and investors. Binary options are much easier to trade as there is no stop loss and take profit levels. The problem is there are not many accurate binary options signals programs available. Prime Analyst Program has a high winrate. There are three video testimonials provided on the website that talks about the high quality of these signals.

Anyone interested can download Prime Analyst software FREE for 60 days and try it. No credit card is required. Only the name and email address is required to download this software.

This is what Janice says: “The Prime Analyst program can turn you into a professional trader... using the most straightforward investment vehicle in the world of binary options! Prime Analyst is the vision of a regular trader like you... created with you in mind! The software has been developed by the finest analytical minds in the industry... Enter your trading sessions with the power of 100- strong army of experts at your fingertips! Whether you just want a vacation, a nicer house or you want to tell your boss what you really think of him... 5 minutes a day with Prime Analyst can take you there.”

About John James and Janice Richards
John James is the developer of this binary options formula that has been programmed into software by a company led by Janice Richards. Janice Richards has been trading binary options for some years now. She is the CEO of the company that is marketing this Prime Analyst Binary Options Signals Software. She says this software made her $75,939 in 1 week. She is marketing this software and giving full 60 days FREE trial to anyone who is interested in trading binary options.

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