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Proactol-Get The Pro's And Con's About This Fat Binder

Now, With Every Purchase of Proactol, Consumers Get a Free Exercise Guide and Diet Advice


Walpole, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/10/2012 -- One of the few medically backed weight loss supplements currently sold on the internet has recently revamped what they offer to their new clients. Now, consumers who try Proactol receive two tools that can help lead them to success. With every Proactol and Proactol Plus purchase, consumers get free diet advice and a free exercise plan.

For years, consumers have been happy with the results that they have seen after using Proactol. They have reported weight loss results that dwarf the results offered by most other products, and this is thanks to Proactol’s two pronged approach. The way Proactol works is simple. Some of its active ingredients block the body’s absorption of fat. That means that if a person taking Proactol eats something with fat in it, their body will literally reject over a quarter of the fat in that bit of food.

Now, this popular feature has been enhanced with Proactol’s free exercise guide. As people exercise, they burn fat and build muscle, but the exercise also changes their metabolism. Their bodies actually change how they process fat, and they start to burn it more efficiently. Thus, these free exercise plans are the perfect compliment to Proactol’s already amazing ingredients.

Other active ingredients in Proactol Plus curb the person’s appetite. When someone takes this weight loss supplement, they just do not crave food like they used to crave it. However, everyone needs to eat eventually, and with the new free diet plans offered with every Proactol purchase, people are able to make healthy decisions about what they eat when they are ready for a feast.

Proactol has been medically certified by numerous groups including ECOcert in France, the UK Vegetarian Society, and many others, and it has been backed by numerous clinical studies that have been performed over the greater part of the last decade. Its outstanding results have even been covered in mainstream media sources like the Daily Telegraph, the New York Times and others.

Now, the medically certified benefits of Proactol Plus have been enhanced by the inclusion of free diet advice and exercise plans. The manufacturers are so convinced about the efficacy of this product that they even include cash back vouchers, generous discounts, and a six month guarantee with most purchases. That is in addition to the other free gifts that are being offered with Proactol.

Proactol Plus is made and distributed by the Proactol Company. This company prides themselves on selling a dietary weight loss supplement that is made from all natural ingredients including the naturally occurring weight loss ingredients that are present in the prickly pear cactus. Proactol is a worldwide company, and they ship their orders from the UK to numerous distribution centers around the world.

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