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ProD Seminars Expands With New Course Offerings That Allow Practitioners to Expand Their Knowledge

Online classes at ProD Seminars include oriental reproductive medicine, biomedicine, classical Chinese medicine, diagnosis, fertility, gynecology, internal medicine, men’s health, pediatrics, pregnancy, and more.


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2012 -- Professionals practicing acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine sometimes find that courses for obtaining CEUs or PDAs are simply a regurgitation of what they already know. The process becomes a way to simply fulfill requirements. However, choosing a CEU provider with diverse course offerings presented by dynamic professionals in the field, can be a way to increase knowledge, learn new aspects of the profession, and adapt to meet the needs of clients.

ProD Seminars is one of the largest online providers of CEUs/PDAs accepted by NCCAOM, ABORM, CTCMA, and the state Boards of California, Texas and Florida. Courses are offered online, as real time live webinars, and as recorded seminars. Practitioners have the ability to choose the course format that fits into their lifestyle. Aside from the convenience, ProD Seminars offers an innovative, exciting menu of classes. The courses are well-organized and presented by leaders in the fields of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The program is not built to solely provide CEUs, but is meant to serve as a resource to promote lifelong learning and help professionals maintain their skills, while also experiencing different aspects of their field.

The new acupuncture continuing education releases at ProD Seminars cover a wide range of subjects and fields. Sharon Weizenbaum will offer a pregnancy series title Chinese Herbs for Pregnancy that will include Normal Physiology and Miscarriage Prevention, Common Conditions, and Chinese Herbs for Labor and Postpartum. Huang Huang will lead The Treatment of Cancer and Autoimmune Illnesses Using Classic Formulas and The Treatment of Children Using Classic Formulas. Yvonne Farrell will teach webinars and seminars on psycho-emotional disorders and Yan Xiao Ping will take the helm of The Treatment of Rheumatoid, Osteo-Arthritis, and Gout. These are a few of the new offerings that round out the already immense selection.

Signing up is simple and the process can be completed online. With subjects ranging from internal medicine to practice management, practitioners can find classes suited to their specialty. To register for courses or to view the course offerings and even free previews, visit

ProD Seminars is a division of Healthy Seminars Inc.

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Pro D Seminars is one of the largest online CEU providers of Chinese medicine continuing education and one of the largest online providers for the NCCAOM (includes florida, ABORM and calfornia). They provide excellent acupuncture CEU courses, acupuncture CEUs online and acupuncture continuing education.