Prodivita Introduces Delicious Protein Couscous As a Low-Carb Alternative, a manufacturer and seller of high protein-low carb diet products, based in Belgium, introduces the Protein Couscous product that dieters will enjoy without the worries.


Antwerp, Belgium -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/26/2012 -- When it comes to dieting, products and services that promise to help people shed unwanted fat continue to flood the market. Europeans, for one, are health conscious people who can turn to a number of slimming products. Sadly, however, many diet plans fail mainly because people cannot sustain eating clean or simply stop from cheating with high-calorie low nutritional food.

Protein Diet Prodivita is based on the principle that slimming through protein diet works, simply because it is characterized by a very high quality level of protein and low carbohydrate content – making it extremely low in calories., the Belgian manufacturer and seller of Protein Diet Prodivita, drives dieters to choose wisely and responsibly in order to achieve weight loss goals quickly and permanently. For less than € 2.13 per meal, dieters can have healthy, tasty and cheap slimming with the Protein Diet Prodivita.

Consistently striving to provide customers with outstanding products, is offering its newest product, protein couscous. For a delicious meal, dieters simply need to add the new product to 50 ml boiling water, 25 grams of powder and stir until the contents are completely dissolved. When served warm, the protein couscous makes a great diet treat.

The new protein couscous adds to the extensive dieet products including protein ice, supplements, products with Stevia, shaker, starter kits, protein siege, protein biscuit, protein bread and toast, protein chili, protein cereal, protein desserts, protein drinks, protein porridge, protein omelets, protein pancakes, protein pastes, protein puree and nuggets, protein bars and protein soups.

Unlike other diet products, the high quality level of protein and low in calories of the protein diet cuisine ensures a rapid decrease in fat stores – also known as ketosis – without hunger, fatigue or muscle wastage the protein products are recommended by doctors, as they are completely natural and do not give the yo-yo effect.

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About Prodivita is an online manufacturer and seller of high protein-low carb diet products. Based in Belgium, the leading protein products source offers an extensive range of food items that make dieting easy and tasty.