Predivita Nederland Adds Chocolate Mousse and Custard Pudding to Tasty Protein Diet Product Line

Known for offering low-carb, high protein food products, makes the protein diet plan even tastier with new chocolate mousse and custard pudding.


Dordrecht, The Netherlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2012 -- Guilt-free eating is a rarity. Steaks that please the palate are fattening, just as delightful sugary cakes add unwanted pounds. More often than not, people eat to their hearts' content – and not without the unhealthy consequences. It does take a lot of effort and discipline to eat right, but with all the tempting, tasty food around, resisting can be a difficult thing. lets dieters enjoy food and desserts without the guilt. The leading high-protein, low-carb food products manufacturer and seller offers many proteine dieet products, including protein bread, cereal, toast, drinks, porridge, omelets, pancakes, pastes, purees, nuggets, biscuits, bars, waffles and soups. A wide range of protein supplements are also sold on the website.

Taking protein dieting to the next level, is offering even tastier treats. Dieters can say goodbye to guilty pleasures with the low-carb, low-calorie, protein-rich chocolate mousse and custard pudding now part of the extensive food selection. is getting rave reviews from dieters who have succeeded with the help of the Prodivita protein diet plan. Marion R. from Nijmegen, the Netherlands, shares her Prodivita diet story: "I am 11 pounds off with sports and protein diet! I weighed 81 pounds when I started, and dropped 4.5 pounds during the first week and then another two pounds on the next half. In total, I lost 11 pounds in less than two months." sells the dietary protein or protein diet based on natural raw materials, including on the basis of proteins from milk or soy. Backed by scientific research, the starting point is to balance the power supply so that carbohydrates and fats are avoided, and provide the necessary nutrients for the body in the form of proteins.

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About Prodivita is a top manufacturer and online seller of high-protein, low-carb products. It offers a wide range of tasty yet non-fattening food that suit the taste of the Dutch.