Professional Services Press Releases

Black Squirrel Printing Donating Portion of Sales to Luke's Wings Through 2015

Creating lasting relationships with businesses and organizations that frequently require custom printed clothing, Black Squirrel Printing strives for customer satisfaction with their quality printing and use of innovative technology. With a commitment to giving back to veterans, the company is proud to announce they will be donating a portion of sales to Luke's Wings throughout the duration of 2015. For every 10 shirts sold online, one dollar will be donated to the non-profit dedicated to the service of uniting wounded warriors and veterans with their families and loved ones.

Dee, an Advanced Wearable Technology Product for Dogs, Is Now Available for Pre-Order in Kickstarter

Senorld claims that Dee is the most sophisticated dog wearable product ever that will connect the dog lovers and their favorite pets to a dedicated cloud platform. The overall funding requirement for this project is $30,000.

TCCI Heavy Duty Compressors Focus on Durability Differentiators

T/CCI ( manufactures built to last quality, dependable, and environmentally safe compressors for a wide range of vehicle applications. Widely respected, ISO-certified T/CCI is a global leader with over 50 years' experience manufacturing heavy duty compressors and clutches for the mobile air-conditioning and refrigeration industries, including for a wide range of vehicles from construction and military to heavy-duty trucking and bus transit. This wide range of OEM heavy duty compressors supplies companies such as Caterpillar, CNH, Navistar, ThermoKing, and Carrier. Global customers recognize value of a well-respected HVAC supplier with advanced technologies including the custom LabView based acquisition system designed to protect the quality and accuracy of data.

UTROPIX Launch Upgrades in Lifestyle, Income Through World Travel

Tapping into the $8 trillion travel industry is UTROPIX, a collective of certified travel consultants working to make world travel a part of everyone's lifestyle, rather than the occasional luxury.

Keep Customers with Skill Based Routing

LogoAs call center technology grows in abilities, more call centers are adopting skill based routing, and for good cause. Through skill based routing, call centers can optimize operations by directing traffic towards the best equipped agent, rather than simply the first available one. In essence, this call assignment strategy is designed to improve the customer experience by directing them immediately to the most suitable agent based on the customer's inquiry.

AID Locksmith Offers Emergency Locksmith Services in Chicago

The very best locksmith service in Chicago is provided by people who believe in providing their customers with the very best quality and safety they can get from any other place in the market. AID Locksmith Chicago is what every customer in the region opt for when they want to get locks fixed or installed. They offer a vast array of locksmith services for cars, for houses and for commercial areas. They have been operating for over a decade and they continue to be on top of the latest technology in the region. The people who work for them are experienced and understand the requirements of a customer pretty well. They also realize that different locales and buildings have different security needs. They offer three distinct security services.

Personal Finance Analyst Launches Credit Report Rankings to Help People Find Best Credit Report Monitoring Company

For those looking to take control of their finances, there is so much to learn and absorb that it can quickly become overwhelming with advice and support. Many people look to their loved ones or professionals for such advice, but this can be unreliable or expensive. For those seeking a service that is both reliable and free, Personal Finance Analyst offers the solution. As well as practical saving and investment advice, the site has just compiled a table of the best rated credit report services available and published their findings on their website.

Unique Landscapes Takes Home Prestigious 2015 Best of Houzz Award

Unique Landscapes, a top landscape design and contracting company, received a "Best of Houzz" award for 2015 in the popular website's Customer Satisfaction category. The award was made in recognition of Unique Landscapes' industry-leading levels of customer service and job performance and follows upon a number of other distinctions the company has garnered over the years. Unique Landscapes is part of the Unique Companies family and often works closely with sister company Unique Custom Pools on backyard transformation projects that make the most of Arizona's unique features.

One Source Contracting, LLC Wins Best of Houzz 2015 Award for Outstanding Customer Service

When it comes to home remodeling, very few homeowners can tackle the process alone. Instead, many choose to trust in a contractor to work with them on a design that will reflect their tastes and sensibilities. Naturally, customer service is an essential component of the remodeling process, as the relationship between the contractor and client is everything. One Source Contracting, LLC makes this the core of their business, and have been rewarded for doing so by contractor network Houzz, which has awarded them the Best of Houzz 2015 award for Customer Service.

Colorado's Davey Coach Sales Donates New Bus to Project Sanctuary

LogoDavey Coach Sales of Sedalia, CO, presented a brand new 2015 Van Terra by Turtle Top bus to Granby-based national nonprofit Project Sanctuary on Friday, January 23, at YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby.

Gerrard Larriett Pet Care Announces Online Art Exhibit

LogoGerrard Larriett, general manager of Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care, announced that the firm will feature an online art exhibit, Best Friends Forever, by Lithuanian artist, Linas Spurga, Jr. The exhibit can be viewed now through June 2015 on Larriett's website.

Lovell Consulting to Host Capital Allowance Seminars in Mayfair's Savile Club

Taxation is essential for the running of a modern society, but it is also a hugely complex system that takes into account hundreds of potential variables that are designed to ensure everyone pays the right amount of tax for their circumstances. Unfortunately, many people fail to take advantage of all their allowances and end up paying more tax than they should, especially when it comes to capital allowances. Lovell Consulting helps their clientele prevent this from happening, and are hosting free to attend seminars that will help more people understand how much they can save.

True Health Adds a Concierge Doctor in New Tampa/Wesley Chapel

Residents seeking a concierge doctor in Tampa, Florida have more options now that Dr. Zubair Farooqui is offering the True Health Concierge Care program. Those concerned with waiting a week for an appointment, or sitting for half an hour in a doctor's lobby will be relieved by the news. The True Health program involves same or next day appointments and no waiting upon arrival. Patients receive direct access to their physician, twenty four hours per day and seven days per week via cell phone or email, and house calls when needed.

Global Lubricants and Base Oils Market Forecasts to 2019

LogoThe report titled "Global Lubricants and Base Oil Market: Trends & Opportunities (2014 Edition)" analyzes the global lubricants and base oil market, with exhaustive discussion on demand of lubricants in different region across the globe in volume terms. The key market challenges recognized by the analysts and the major trends of lubricants and base oil market are presented in the report. Further, key manufacturers of lubricants like Exxon, Shell, Chevron and HPCL are profiled in the report.

Responsive Website by Raleigh Web Design Firm Offers New Benefits for Local Enterprise Content Management Company

Award winning web design agency, TheeDesign Studio, located in Raleigh, NC, is excited to highlight the launch of the new website for SC Data, Inc., a local Enterprise Content Management (ECM) company.

Zadro Web Announces Expert SEO Services, Social Media and Digital Marketing Services

There are many steps to having a successful commercial website in the Windy City. It begins with a product, business or retail establishment that needs definite exposure and the advantages of ecommerce activity. This later evolves into a creative concept by web designers and digital marketers, who understand how to make each web page visually exciting. The graphics that make up this website should optimally reinforce one's corporate brand, logo and company vision. To make sure this website appears on the first page of results on the most popular search engines, its written content should also be woven with the right words and phrases.

Luxury Vehicles Market - Global Industry by Type, by Size, by Share Analysis to 2020

LogoLuxury vehicle is a term used for the vehicles that provide luxury (pleasant or desirable features beyond necessity) at premium price. It can also be referred as the vehicle with features such as, higher quality equipment, better performance, more precise construction, comfort, higher design and technologically innovative with features that convey an image, brand, status or prestige for the individual in the society. Luxury vehicles provide high degree of comfort than other vehicles. Major contents of these cars are genuine leather upholstery and polished "wood grain-look" dashboards.

Consumer Electronics Market - Global Industry by Size, Share Analysis to 2020

LogoEquipments or device containing an electronic circuit board manufactured for everyday use are known as consumer electronic. Consumer electronics are primarily manufactured for the purpose of entertainment, communication and increasing productivity. Consumer electronics products are based on digital technology and are referred as completing the consumerization (reorientation of product and service designs around the individual end user) of information technology in the global market. Many consumer electronic products provide internet connectivity using technologies such as Wi-Fi, bluetooth or ethernet (computer networking technologies for local area networking (LANs) and larger networks). Traditionally, products such as TVs or Hi-Fi equipment were not associated with computer use. With technological advancement, these products are now manufactured with facilities that provide options to the end-users to connect to the internet or to a computer using a home network to provide access to digital content.

Global Wearable Electronics Market - Size, Share and Trends Analysis and Forecast to 2020

LogoWearable Electronics are minute electronics devices worn by the consumer which enable wireless networking and mobile computing. The word "wearable technology" refers to any electronic device or product which can be worn by a person to add computing in his action or work and utilize technology to benefit advanced features and characteristics. Wearable electronics may consist of glasses, jewelry, headgear, belts, arm wear, wrist wear, leg wear, footwear, skin patches, and e-textiles.

Costume Jewelry Market - Global Industry Analysis by Share, Size, Trends to 2020

LogoCostume jewelry (also known as fashion jewellery, trinkets, junk jewelry, fake jewelry and fallalery) is a jewelry made of less valuable materials as compared with valuable materials such as gold, diamond, platinum and other precious metals and gem. The raw material used for these jewelleries include base metals, glass, plastic, synthetic stones, semi-precious stones, beads, ivory, lac, leather, terracotta, pearl and metals such as silver, aluminum and brass. On the basis of products, the costume jewelry industry is broadly categorized as bracelets, brooch, earrings, necklaces, chokers, bangles, finger rings, toe rings, anklets and pendants.

Global Automotive HVAC Market Size, Share, Industry Segment Analysis to 2020

LogoHVAC stands for heating, ventilation (replacing air in any space to provide high indoor air quality) and air conditioning (altering the properties of air to make the indoor air more comfortable). Ventilation is the process which includes both the exchange of air to the outside as well as circulation of air within the space. HVAC is a technology that provides indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. Automotive HVAC system's main purpose is to provide thermal and acceptable air condition within the vehicle.

Plastic and Competitive Pipe Market - Global Industry by Share, Segments, Size Analysis and Forecast to 2020

LogoPlastic and competitive pipe is used for the conveyance of potable water, wastewater, heating and cooling fluids, foodstuffs, chemicals, gases, compressed air and vacuum system applications. Use of plastic and competitive pipe offers a broad range of advantages such as moderate cost, corrosion resistance, ease of handling and installation and long service life. These advantages further helps in the growth of plastics and competitive market. PVC, HDPE, fiberglass, ABS and CPVC are types of plastic pipe. Other pipe materials include steel, copper, concrete, aluminum, ductile iron and clay. PVC contributes the largest market share in plastics pipe.

Global Dairy Ingredients Market by Size, Share, Industry Segment Analysis to 2020

LogoMilk is an essential food in our diet because of its balanced composition of nutrients (proteins, lipids, glucids and minerals). It is used for the preparation of various food and beverage products. Dairy ingredients are food ingredients made from milk and are used in preparing various food products such as ice creams, chocolate, sports food, clinical nutrition, bakery-snacks, pork meat, ready-to-eat, prepared deserts and soups. Dairy ingredients are divided into various categories such as milk powder (dried form of milk manufactured by evaporating milk to dryness. Main purpose of drying milk is to preserve it as milk powder has longer shelf life than liquid milk and does not need to be refrigerated, due to its low moisture content), whey ingredients, milk protein concentrates & milk protein isolates (substance obtained by partial removal of non-protein constituents such as, lactose and minerals from skim milk so that the finished dry product contains 90% or more protein by weight) and lactose & its derivatives. Major end-users of dairy ingredients are bakery & confectionery, dairy, convenience foods, sports & clinical nutrition products.

Dietary Supplements Market - Global Industry Analysis by Size, Share, Segment and Forecast to 2020

LogoDietary supplements are also termed as food supplement or nutrition supplement. Dietary supplements are taken orally by various age group consumers who are unable to meet their nutrient needs through regular diet. Dietary supplements are offered in various forms such as capsule, pill, powder, gel caps, granules, tablet, energy bars and liquid. Various segments of dietary supplements are vitamins, mineral, enzyme, fiber, calcium, essential oils, herbal supplements and fatty acids. Rise in healthcare cost, fast lifestyle, growing economy, accelerating ageing population, increase in consumer health concern, rising urban population, and growing income level are some of major growth drivers for the global dietary supplements market.

Global Vitamins Supplements Market - Industry Analysis by Size, Share, Segment to 2020

LogoVitamins supplements are non-drug and non-hormone based nutritional products that can be consumed as powders, pills, liquids or by injection. There are various types of vitamins supplements such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. supplements are broadly classified under multivitamins and individual vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K.

Liquid Packaging Cartons Market - Global Industry Size, Size Share Analysis to 2020

LogoA carton is a box or container usually made of paperboard and sometimes corrugated fiberboard. Liquid packaging cartons are available in different shapes, sizes and designs according to the packager's need. Liquid packaging cartons are generally used in safe storage and secure transportation for liquid products. The liquid packaging cartons market can be segmented on the basis of type of liquid product and geography. Different segments of liquid products include water, dairy products, soft drinks and juices.

Global Spirits Market Size, Share, Segment Analysis to 2020

LogoSpirit, also known as distilled beverage, is an alcoholic beverage manufactured by distillation (process of separating component substances from a liquid mixture by using process of vaporization and condensation) of a mixture produced from alcoholic fermentation. Distillation process is used to purify the mixture and to remove diluting components like water from the mixture for the purpose of increasing its proportion of alcohol content (alcohol by volume (ABV)).