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Predicting the Cost and Trends in Health Care Industry: What to Expect from the Continuous Shift Towards Health Care Services for 2015

The health care industry in 2015 is expected to give more business opportunities for many entrepreneurs as the changes in how health care is perceived by both adults and younger generations seem to be shifting to a new and higher level. And the need to expand the healthcare industry is due to the aging population and increase in life expectancy that the government should keep an eye on since along with this shift is the inevitable rise in healthcare cost and spending.

Achieve Clinical Research Is Looking for Locals Who Are Interested in Participating in a Fibromyalgia Clinical Trial

Experts estimate that at least 5 million Americans are living with the syndrome known as fibromyalgia. Unfortunately due to the wide range of symptoms associated with it, many cases go undiagnosed for long periods of time.

Antilock Agents Market - Industry Size, Share Analysis and Global Forecast to 2020

LogoAntilock agents include antilock braking system (ABS) and electronic stability control system (ESC). Antilock agents improve vehicle safety by increasing its balance on the road, thereby minimizing accidents Antilock braking system reduces the uncontrollable skidding chances of a vehicle by preventing wheel lock up or cease in its rotation. Electronic stability control system improves the vehicular stability and reduces the traction loss.

Global and China Water Soluble Epoxy Resin Industry 2014 Market Survey Study Analysis and Overview

2014 Deep Research Report on Global Water Soluble Epoxy Resin Industry is a professional and depth research report on Global Water Soluble Epoxy Resin industry. For overview analysis, the report introduces Water Soluble Epoxy Resin basic information including definition, classification, application, industry chain structure, industry overview, policy analysis, and news analysis, etc.

Bulletproof Security Glass Market - Global Industry Size, Share, Segment Analysis and Forecast to 2020

LogoSafety is on of the major concern for the national and state governments. Installing proper security system is one of the major demands for the building owners especially corporate and government buildings, also government vehicles. Among various security systems bulletproof security glass is in great demand in the recent due to increasing terror attacks and other security purposes. Bulletproof security glass also known as ballistic glass, transparent armor or bullet-resistant glass are any type of class made up of strong but optically transparent material that can resist any damage while stuck by stone or bullets. However, these glasses are not completely impenetrable. Bulletproof security glasses are generally made up of combination of two or more kind of glasses (one hard and one soft). The softer layer makes the glass more elastic so that it can flex instead of shatter while stuck with any hard material such as stones or bullets. Bulletproof security glasses come in different forms depending on the thickness of the glass that is between 19mm to 76mm thickness.

Domestic Heating Appliances Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast to 2020

LogoDomestic heating appliance is a device or system which is used to produce heat to accomplish various tasks. It also acts as a combustion appliance and having heat generation capacity up to 50 kW. Several domestic heating appliances includes heater, condensing boiler, heat spreader, hot water storage tank, fan heater, geysers, electric Iron, furnace, stoves, oil burner, radiator, space heater, solar water heater, immersion rods and wood-burning stove. Domestic heating appliances are used for both residential and commercial purposes. Global domestic heating appliances market is segmented into electric storage heating radiators, soil heating, non-electric heaters and electric heating resistors. Among various segment soil heating and electric storage heating radiators together hold the largest market share and accounts more than 40.0% share in domestic heating appliances market. Growing economy in developing country is one of the key factors for the growth of domestic heating appliances market.

Global Earthmoving Equipment Market Analysis and Forecast to 2020

LogoEarthmoving equipment is referred to heavy equipment (heavy-duty vehicles designed specially for executing construction operation, mostly which involves earthwork operation). These heavy equipments are used in the construction industry to move large amounts of earth or to dig foundations and landscape areas. Earthmoving equipments are known with different name in different region such as heavy trucks, heavy machines, construction equipment, engineering equipment, heavy vehicles and heavy hydraulics. Earthmoving equipment operates through the mechanical advantage of a simple machine where the ratio between input force applied and force exerted is multiplied. Most earthmoving equipment uses hydraulic drives as a primary source of motion. Technically skilled worker are able to operate heavy equipment, these individuals are provided with special training before they operate any heavy equipments.

Portable Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Market - Global Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Forecast to 2020

LogoAn Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is an electronic-optical instrument used to characterize optical fiber. An OTDR extracts from the same end of the fiber and makes multiple measurements which are used to detect faults, defects and also measure the amount of signal loss at any point in the single optical fiber or complete network. A proper interpretation of an OTDR trace requires technical training and experience. Optical Time Domain Reflectometers are generally used by service providers, network constructors and operators to characterize each component of the link and to find fault with the network. There are two types of reflections which were used by OTDR, namely "Rayleigh backscattering" and "Fresnel reflection". Rayleigh backscattering reflections helps in calculating the level of attenuation in the fiber as a function of distance. On the other hand, Fresnel reflection is used to detect physical events along the fiber link.

Smart Mirror Market - Global Size, Share, Segment Analysis and Forecast to 2020

LogoA highly functional mirror is a smart mirror. Smart mirror is embedded with various electronics features and technology such as sensor, display, GPS navigation, bluetooth connectivity and cameras. Smart mirror is also equipped with wireless communication with enable voice recognition and hands-free calling. Smart mirror have various capability such as self-dimming capability, self-repairing and self self-cleaning capabilities. Application of smart mirror is used is various sector such as automotive, household, hotels, educational institutes, healthcare sector, consumer sector, retail and advertising sector.

Toilet Care Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast to 2020

LogoToilet care products are used in cleaning of toilet in home, hotels and commercial buildings. Various toilet care products are toilet care powder, toilet care gel, toilet care freshener, toilet care liquid, toilet care bar, toilet care foam, toilet cleaning brush, toilet paper, toilet wipes, in-cistern devices, ITBs and toilet cleaning system. Due to the nature of toilet care products, which combat germs and bacteria, sales of toilet care products is strongly driven by the consumer preference for disposable and hassle-free products. This trend is also supported by housewives who wanted to shorten their cleaning time, so that they had more free time to do other things.

Washing and Cleaning Products Market - Global Size, Share, Segment Analysis and Forecast to 2020

LogoWashing and cleaning products are the substances generally liquid, powder, sprays or granules which are used to remove dirt, including dust, stains, bad smells and clutter on surfaces. Cleaning agents are normally in the form of acidic, alkaline or neutral depending on the use. The acidic washing agents are mostly used for cleaning deposits such as scaling. The active ingredients are usually strong mineral acids and chelates. Alkaline washing and cleaning products consist of strong bases like sodium hydroxide as it dissolves oil, grease, fats and proteins based deposits. Whereas, neutral washing products are those whose pH value is neutral and are made from different ionic compound which are used to clean different types of dirt.

Agriculture Micronutrients Market - Global Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Forecast to 2020

LogoAgricultural micronutrients are essential nutrients that regulate certain physiological activities in crops to enhance their quality and yield. Micronutrient deficiency results in decline in the growth rate, yellowing of leaves, and withering of buds in crops. Major agricultural micronutrients include zinc, manganese, boron, copper, molybdenum, and iron.

Advanced Glazing Systems Market - Global Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Forecast to 2020

LogoThe advanced glazing systems market is expected to witness substantial growth in the coming years due to rising energy prices and uncertainties about future energy supply. Advanced glazing systems have recently gained importance owing to their ability to enhance total building energy performance, thus creating good business opportunities for companies. Benefits of these systems include passive solar heat gain, electric lighting power reduction, and view. The restructuring and refocus of the current and future construction market would continue to work in the favor of the advanced glazing systems market. In the past, code mandated building energy requirements were moderate and the majority of insulated glass systems could meet these basic performance demands. However, the demand for green and/or high performance buildings that mandate energy efficiency beyond code minimums is definitively on the rise. In most cases, the total energy consumption in every building has to reduce by 15% to 40% and this can be achieved with the help of advanced glazing systems. The shift from new construction to retrofit construction activity is also fuelling the advanced glazing systems market. New buildings represent only a small share of the U.S. building market, while retrofitting provides a huge market opportunity for owners, green builders, and energy service provider companies. In the current scenario, energy-saving green buildings hold around 5% to 8% share of the retrofit and renovation market by value in the U.S. By the end of 2014, it is projected to become 20% to 30%. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is slated to substantially fund the renovation of federal buildings, which will further boost the market of advanced glazing systems. Several other firms, such as conventional window manufacturers and suppliers, metal companies, manufacturers of solar panels and solid-state lighting, firms would benefit from the growth of the advanced glazing systems market.

Gene Therapy Immunology Insight: Pipeline Assessment, Market Trend, Technology and Competitive Landscape, New Report Launched

LogoGene Therapy Immunology Insight: Pipeline Assessment, Technology Trend, and Competitive Landscape report provides the information across the gene therapy value chain covering gene therapy profiles core insights, pre-clinical data, clinical data, technology details, funding and licensing opportunities. The Gene Therapy Immunology Report provides the target gene name, localization of gene, molecular function of target with descriptive mechanism of action. Using the propriety Publisher Competitive Matrix models, the report also provides the first in class market analytics providing predictive analysis of early market winners of the clinical therapies and pre-clinical therapies in a demographic presentation view.

Universal Funding, a Prominent Invoice Factoring Company, Announces Year-End Charitable Contributions

In December of 2014, Universal Funding generously donated over $15,000 to local charities that provide services throughout the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene communities.

Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Based Cell Therapies- Drugs of the Future Offering Hope for Cure, New Report Launched

LogoInnovative Therapies for treating diseases are being sought after with fresh vigor as new targets, approaches and biology are discovered. Improved health care, nutrition and preventive medicine in the last few decades have all helped in increasing life expectancy WW. However, this has not translated in any reduction in the incidences or prevalence of chronic or critical illnesses! On the contrary, the incidence of chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, arthritis etc. as well as cancer and the maladies associated with aging (dementia, Alzheimer's etc.) are on the rise!. Consequently the pharma industry continues to grow and is projected to achieve sales in excess of the trillion dollar mark by 2020. By the next decade, one field which is poised to bring a paradigm change in the way diseases are treated is the Stem cell therapy/Regenerative Medicine space. The number of companies and products in the clinic has reached a critical mass, warranting a close watch by those interested in keeping pace with the development of new medicines.

Global Underwater Monitoring System for Oil and Gas Market Segment Forecast to 2020

LogoEscalating demand for energy along with the need for oil and gas monitoring in underwater application is expected to drive growth in global underwater monitoring systems for oil and gas market. Rising application of underwater monitoring system in deepwater monitoring is likely to augment the growth in the global underwater monitoring systems market. Complexity in the operation and maintenance of the subsea pipelines is anticipated to further boost the demand for underwater monitoring system for oil and gas market.

Smart Solar Market Trends and Strategic Focus Report by Transparency Market Research

LogoThe increasing energy requirement leading to the depletion of natural energy resources, increasing electricity bills and pollution has created the need for the development of the energy management solutions that can monitor, forecast and control our energy consumptions and requirements. The advancements in the field of electronics and information technology have enabled the development of these devices. These devices are improving the already existing solar energy solutions by providing a way to improve their functional capabilities in terms of energy control and monitoring. The solar energy solution that includes various solar devices and other complete systems provides us the clean power, but lacks in areas associated with the power demand and supply management. The smart solar solutions include services related to smart metering and demand response management.

Photovoltaic Inverter Market - Global Industry Analysis Report, 2013 - 2019

LogoA photovoltaic (PV) inverter, also known as solar inverter is a device that converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a PV panel into alternating current (AC) frequency. This frequency can directly used by off-grid and local electrical network or can be fed into a commercial network. PV inverter is significant element in a photovoltaic system, allowing direct use of commercial appliances. These inverters have special functions that allow them to use with photovoltaic arrays, having functions such as anti-islanding protection and maximum power point tracking.

Drilling Waste Management Market - Global Industry Analysis Report, 2013 - 2019

LogoDrilling process plays a vital role in oil exploration and production (E&P) activities. Drilling waste management technology is a significant part of successful drilling process and production operations. The suitable waste management application is crucial for successful drilling operations as well as for environmental protection. Ineffective waste management in drilling process can cause harmful chemicals and liquids to affect the environment. However, waste management in drilling process can offer streams of recyclable materials. Drilling waste management industry established after 1980's with the increase in exploration and production activities.

Powered Surgical Instruments Market - Industry Segment and Global Forecast Up to 2020

LogoA powered surgical instrument is a specifically designed device that utilizes power sources for carrying out specific action during surgery. Power sources may be electrical (line current or battery operated), or pneumatic - which make use of compressed medical gasses, such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide or compressed air. The powered surgical instrument market is experiencing significant growth with the advent of technological innovations and a major focus on minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Image Guided Surgery Market - Industry Segment and Global Forecast Up to 2020

LogoImage guided surgery makes use of preoperative images to precisely guide surgical instruments by correlating the operative field. The image guidance systems also help in seamless procedure planning, thus reducing chances of error and also minimizing procedure time. With image guided systems, overall productivity is increased and being minimally invasive, allows quick recovery and shorter hospital stay. The technique was initially developed for neurosurgeries, which is one of the most critical procedures. ENT surgeries still remain the main area of application of image guided surgery systems. Major indications where image guided surgery can be performed are sinus surgery, and treatment of diseases which critical areas of cerebrum where chances of error must be minimum. Oncology is a major area of application of image guided surgery, where various methods are tried and tested for efficient treatment. With the development of technology and optimization of procedures, image guided surgery is expected to be the main stay for neurological surgeries, especially in treatment of brain tumor.

The New Twin Rivers Dental in Easton PA Now Accepting New Patients

Twin Rivers Dental, one of the Easton PA area's long standing practices, announces they are accepting new patients. The practice recently underwent an change in ownership and management with Dr Gary Greenberg taking over from Dr David C Zilker. Dr Greenberg looks forward to emphasizing a customer service approach to his practice by putting first the patient's needs, wishes and convenience.

Clostridium Diagnostics Market - Industry Segment, Trends and Global Forecast, 2013 - 2019

LogoClostridium is a gram-positive bacteria which belongs to phylum Firmicutes. It's an obligate anaerobe capable of producing endospores. Clostridium botulinium, Clostridium difficle, Clostridium perfringens, Clostridium tetani and Clostridium sordellii are the different species of clostridium responsible for diseases in humans. Clostridium tetani is the etiological agent of tetanus, Clostridium botulinum is the etiological agent of botulism. Clostridium perfringes is one of the etiological agents of gas gangrene. Clostridium sortellii is capable of causing pneumonia, endocarditis, arthritis, peritonitis, and myonecrosis. Clostridium difficle is the etiological agent of diarrhea.

Union Square Dental Practice Responds to Growing Cosmetic Dentistry Needs of San Francisco Bay Area Startups

Silicon Valley and the rest of the Bay Area have certainly seen an explosion in the number of startups getting attention. The professionals behind these successes often have a great interest in cosmetic dentistry, and especially going to a cosmetic dentist that understands their needs, desires and the culture they live and work in. Union Square Dental Practice has earned a reputation for providing all this and more.

Tax Form Software: Ez1099 Supports Forms 1099s & 1098s

LogoThe new Form 1099s, 1098s prepare, print and efilie software, ez1099, rolled out from for 2015 tax season. Business owners and Tax professionals can now effortlessly print and file tax form 1099 and forms 1098 & 1098 C, E & T, when utilizing the ez1099 software for 2013-2014 . With the updated version, customers can now print and file these forms without the typical headaches associated with tax preparation.

Zinman & Company PC Offering Personalized Tax Preparation Services This Tax Season

LogoThe beginning of the year is a stressful time for many individuals as they collect various tax documents and support in anticipation of tax return preparation. When searching for help, Zinman & Company PC is proud to announce they are again offering personalized tax services to businesses and families in the greater Philadelphia area.