Promoted by Experts Green Coffee Continues to Rule the Weight Loss Scene

Green coffee is supposed to be a hot favorite of fitness experts when it comes to diet pills. It is proven to ensure weight loss without any effort.


New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/21/2013 -- Green coffee is supposed to be a remarkable fat burner and appetite suppressant. This is one weight loss supplement that is proven to ensure weight loss even without a strict diet or a grueling exercise routine.

Clinical trials have shown that green coffee extract can make body burn fat and reduce appetite resulting in natural weight loss even without any change in lifestyle.

According to a study conducted by Dr. Joe Vinson, subjects were able to lose 17.5 pounds each on an average in 22 weeks with regular green coffee supplementation. One of the most incredible part of the study has been that the subjects were not allowed to change their diet or exercise routine during the period of the trial.

An Asian study shows that green coffee extract can help reduce body fat by 30%.

Chlorogenic acid is supposed to be the main constituent in green coffee that not only boosts metabolism but also slows down release of sugar into the bloodstream. This is important since it is excess sugar that gets accumulated as fat in the body.

Green coffee diet pills are extremely popular and some of the best brands have been reviewed by the popular weight loss site spokesperson.

Some of the main points highlighted in Green Coffee Diet Pills Review include the following:
- GCB Max or Green Coffee Bean MAX is a high strength pill that contains 800 mg of pure green coffee extract with at least 50% chlorogenic acid in each pill. Some of its benefits include faster fat burning, appetite suppression, reduced fat accumulation, body detoxification, reduced cellulite, reduced LDL cholesterol etc. This is a supplement that has been getting highly positive user reviews and comes with a complete money back guarantee for 60 days. It is a highly desirable supplement for losing weight.
- Green Coffee Extract from Evolution Slimming is also a good supplement but with less strength. It contains 200 mg of green coffee extract with 20% chlorogenic acid. The optimum dose required is 3 pills a day
- Nuratrim is yet another great diet pill that not only contains green coffee extract but also a couple of other ingredients such as glucomannan, locorice extract and capsicum extract. It is proven to burn 380 calories in a day.

“People have been getting great results with these diet pills and it is not surprising that demand for such pills is huge” says a spokesperson.

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