Pro's and Con's of Hard-to-Find Used Verizon Flip Phones


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/29/2014 -- There will be no more Nokia phones available in about a year. However Motorola has some very nice phones. Nokia expects Microsoft to finalize its acquisition of Nokia's handset business by March 31. The company issued a statement regarding some tax difficulties it is facing in India that could complicate the sale. Nokia said the issues won't delay the deal, which it looks forward to closing in the weeks ahead. Microsoft and Nokia had previously suggested the deal would close by the end of the first quarter, so it is running on schedule. Microsoft first proposed to buy Nokia's handset business in September last year. The deal is valued at $7.2 billion. This will not create a problem since MobileCellMart will have many phones to choose from.

The following features are available with most flip phones and these are some of the pro's and con's with most flip cell phones.

Loud receive volume
Ring AND vibrate
Clear inside and outside displays
no stub antenna
nice keypad
BIG numbers on screen when you dial.

Proprietary charger connector
Verizon crippleware
Ringtones are not loud enough
Verizon crippleware
Vibrate is not as strong as earlier LG's
Verizon crippleware
Cannot change covers
No extended battery available (although one supposedly exists)

There are many places to find used cell phones but condition, warranty, and extra shipping cost will help to determine what online store to purchase from.

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