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Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/22/2014 --, a popular website that reviews home security companies, has just published their review of Protect America. Companies like Protect America help keep families and their possessions safe from harm.

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Home security is very important. Not only can a good security system keep homeowners and their families safe, but it can reduce the cost of home insurance premiums. When purchasing a home security system, it's important to get it monitored by the right company. The best companies are those with a proven track record, who are honest about pricing and contracts, and who have reliable customer service. Any company without a combination of those three qualities is a company that should be avoided.

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Track Record

If homeowners look around their neighborhood, they might notice that there are a variety of security signs and stickers. Upon closer investigation, though, they will likely notice that there are only a handful of companies providing those services. This is because there are only a few well-trusted security companies that monitor homes, and most of them are fairly quick to contact homeowners after they make a purchase. If they want to get the best possible monitoring, they need to take the time to look at the companies who provide services in their area. If they are contacted by a company that they cannot find in their research, they should be wary - they might be the potential victim of a scam.


The security business is built on trust. If a homeowner cannot trust their security monitoring company, why bother working with them? The beginning of the relationship is the perfect time to begin building trust, and it all starts with the contract. If the monitoring company is honest about what is in the contract - including fees for cancellation - they have likely found a business that they can work with. Homeowners should always make sure to read the contract to double-check what they have been told, and they should never sign with a company that pressures them to sign without reading.

Customer Service

Homeowners need to understand that eventually, the alarm is going to go off. There might be a real break in, or they might simply forget to turn the alarm off when they come home late at night. In either case, they need to be able to contact the alarm company immediately to take the appropriate actions. If they cannot get ahold of the alarm company in a non-emergency situation, it is unlikely that they will be able to help if a real emergency arises. Homeowners need to judge the company by their customer service first and they should be able to understand how the company works.

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Homeowners should always work with a company that is well known in the field, respects them enough to be honest with them, and will respond when they need them. Any company that can do all three is a company worth considering. A family's security company should always be their partner in keeping their home safe.

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