Proteine Crostini Now Part of the Delicious Protein Diet Menu

Prodivita, a leading manufacturer and retailer of diet products that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, offers the newest Proteine Crostini product for tastier diet options.


Antwerp, Belgium -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2012 -- Many diet plans and strategies from all over the world fail either because they are ineffective or too difficult to follow. A dieter who struggles to lose weight will find low-calorie meals initially enticing, but no person will want to eat chalk-tasting food and shakes that are such a hassle to prepare. But also very tasty ready-to-eat protein bars bread and enhance ease of use.

Prodivita, a highly successful company that promotes the protein diet, is highly preferred by dieters due to ease of use of ready-made calorie meals that come in handy packages and are easy to prepare. Prodivita works on the principle that only through a protein diet is anyone able to safely, quickly and permanently achieve a slim figure, because the diet period allows for the body to deplete its reserves of fats and sugars.

Unlike other slimming methods, the Prodivita protein diaet essentially pushes for the intake of products with very high protein of up to 70%, and low in carbohydrates. The Prodivita products contain so much protein, but are low in calories, enabling people to reduce their fat and lose weight quickly, without suffering hunger or feeling weak. Moreover, the Prodivita Diet allows for quick, safe and medically defensible weight loss.

The success of Prodivita diet can be attributed to the fact that dieters enjoy their weight-loss journey by eating tasty food that do not make them feel deprived. The protein diaet products include tasty bread, biscuits, porridge, omelets, cereals and soups. Making the Prodivita protein diet easier than ever, the leading diet products specialist introduces the newest product Proteine Crostini.

Detailed at, Proteine Crostini is a bag of about 30 grams containing approximately 16 crostini with herb flavor. It essentially contains wheat gluten, wheat flour, wheat bran, soy flour, protein powder, egg and herbs, as well as traces of milk. Delicious as a day or evening snack, the newest protein product from Prodivita pairs perfectly with the equally delicious product, Protein Guacamole.

To know more about the Prodivita Germany diet, please visit for information and take a peek at the newest Proteine Crostini product.

About Prodivita
Prodivita sells protein diet products. With corporate headquarters in Belgium, the company champions the protein diet based on natural proteins, including dairy products and soy, that has been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss.