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Quiet Fuel Brings Eco-Friendly Cars Under One Roof


Waukee, IA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/06/2014 -- Hybrid Kingdom is pleased to announce the launch of QuietFuel.com, a website devoted to hybrid cars, hybrid SUVs, electric cars, and alternative fuel vehicles. Jeffery Carey of Hybrid Kingdom explained, “After 7 years of managing multiple websites devoted to cars, trucks, SUVs, EVs, and PHEVs, we have decided to combine them all into one online resource. The ‘alternative fuel vehicle’ scene is moving forward at an incredible pace and we are rolling with the changes. Quiet Fuel will cover all aspects of the hybrid industry, and we will continue to provide readers access to the best green car resources throughout the world."

Quiet Fuel features a very easy to navigate layout, with sections devoted to hybrid cars, hybrid SUVs, electric cars, alternative fuel, and external resources. The website also features in-depth reviews of all makes and models of alternative fuel vehicles. “We have detailed reviews of every major hybrid and electric model and we feel this is a great benefit to our visitors. The green car market is growing so fast but many consumers are still new to the technology. They have questions, and our goal is to be able to offer them an online resource that is packed full of information that they can absorb to not only help them understand the world of hybrids and alternative energy automobiles, but to also assist them in the event that they decide to purchase an environmentally friendly vehicle,” added Mr. Carey. The reviews on Quiet Fuel are organized by manufacturer for quick and easy reference.

Alt Fuel cars are picking up steam as more consumers are learning about the benefits linked to driving green, both in terms of environmental and economic impact. The prices for hybrid and electric cars continue to come down, allowing more consumers to consider them when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle. “As we see these cars become more affordable it is allowing a larger group of consumers to consider this option. The performance of these cars is also increasing making them even more attractive due to the substantial fuel savings. I believe this year will be very good for fuel-efficient models, and I am excited that Quiet Fuel will be there to help consumers become educated and informed about them,” stated Mr. Carey. The Quiet Fuel website is active and available now by following the link below.

About Hybrid Kingdom
Hybrid Kingdom is an online publisher of websites dedicated to hybrid, electric, and alternative fuel cars. The company just announced their newest online publication, http://www.quietfuel.com, which will bring all of these automotive technologies under one roof.