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Radio Show for Entrepreneurs Gets the Scoop on CartCentric by Mobile Marketing Max

Marketing moxie* interviews Jennie Wong, Charlotte, NC entrepreneur and founder of new social shopping website


Charlotte, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2012 -- Just after going into public beta, social shopping website CartCentric’s founder, Jennie Wong, talks candidly about her new venture on marketing moxie**. The online radio show by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs will air Tuesday, October 23, 2012, at 8 PM on

CartCentric is a free social shopping website where you can share your purchases with friends. You can "cart" all your favorite stuff, no matter where or how you bought it, and stay connected in a fun new way. CartCentric also helps us all make smarter purchases and avoid fake online reviews.

Radio show host, Françoise Rose Jeanes, said, "There are a lot of amazing and fascinating entrepreneurs in the Charlotte area. marketing moxie* helps give them exposure way beyond the Queen City and I was very pleased to be able to do the first radio promotion for CartCentric by having Jennie on the show to share her brand new platform with the world.”

“I initially had the idea for CartCentric,” said Wong, “because I missed shopping with my sister, who lives across the country, so I wanted a way that we could show each other what we'd been buying online and at the store. But then I realized that everyone could use it and that it could radically change the way we all shop.” That was over a year ago. Developers worked hard over the last several months to have a version of the platform available for public beta testing this month.

Jeanes said, "I am sure there are lots of us that have ideas for websites that we just have no way of turning into a reality. Jennie and her team have done that and it’s an exciting time to see how CartCentric will progress. I really enjoyed having Jennie on the show to share her trials and tribulations of being a digital entrepreneur.”

“marketing moxie* not only showcases the guest’s business but also concentrates on how they are getting the word out about what they do,” added Jeanes. “Fran's show is a great resource for entrepreneurs,” said Wong. “I'm really glad I got a chance to add my two cents to the ongoing conversation about marketing.”

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or professional with an interesting story to share, as well as business insights, and would like to be on marketing moxie*, please call 704.584.9428.

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