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Ezee Rank Tracker Releases New Update Adds Several Tracking Features

Ezee Rank Tracker is better than ever before. Give it a shot before judging.


Bronx, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/03/2014 -- Major updates have come in from the folks at Ezee Rank Tracker, as they bring us some very exciting additions to their already popular keyword rank checker. This latest update patch was unveiled last week and we bring you highlights and excerpts from the event.

A company spokesperson, reviewing the product said, “This is our most exciting update till date, even though we have a few more lined up for this year.” To take a quick look at the updates this time, we take you through a quick survey.

The seo rank checker, which was already included in the previous update, features a few more additions, including easy back link checks, enhancing SEO and allowing online tradesmen to effectively look for traffic.

You are currently at a better position to check for websites that are in flavor and connect your businesses effectively. Some contents, despite being keyword packed, do not enjoy high ranks on most search engines. With the help of Ezee Rank Tracker’s youtube rank tracker serivces, you will be able to effectively view, up to 1,000 results, across 188 different countries, spread across numerous domains and sub domains.

Using Ezee Rank Tracker has always had its benefits and as an official puts it, “We are the best service provides in this segment.” This is not even a tall claim, as we compared this software to others in the same niche and found out its superiority over others.

A beta tester was available for comment and he was all praises when we spoke to him. He said, “Ezee Rank Tracker has taken things to a whole new platform. This software is not just easy to use, but has a lot of important and upgraded features that actually play a major role in enhancing online marketing services.”

Graphs have been added to help people visualize the scenario, which helps grasp information better.

Everyone we spoke to so far, was all praises for this new tool in their kitty. seo rank checker’s unique SERP Checker can actually track YouTube ratings too. This is a unique proposition for all you video bloggers and wannabe online marketers out there, as no other tool, currently provides this service as efficiently as Ezee.

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