Raspberry Ketone Plus and Detox Plus Are a Perfect Combination for Weight Loss and Body Detox

Raspberry ketone has been in the news for its fat busting properties. Combining it with a good detox supplement can ensure double the weight loss says


New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2014 -- Power of raspberry ketones as a fat burner is well acknowledged. A popular weight loss doctor is known to have highly recommended these natural compounds for quick and fast weight loss. The best thing about raspberry ketone is that it can help boost metabolic rate without inflicting any damage or side effect to the body.

Though these compounds are proven to work and have been approved by the FDA since 1965, it is only in the recent years that they have gained popularity as a weight loss supplement.

Raspberry Ketone Plus is an ideal supplement with just the right dose of raspberry ketone in each pill. What makes it a unique supplement is that it also contains 8 other highly powerful and all natural fat burning ingredients that makes it an even more effective fat burner. It not only helps boost metabolism but also suppresses appetite to ensure quick weight loss” says a spokesperson.

Combining Raspberry Ketone Plus with Detox Plus is one of the best ways to lose weight and also detoxify body completely. This power mix of two supplements is known to ensure double the weight loss. This is because flushing out toxins from the body helps boost metabolism too.

Toxic built up in the body over time is one of the major reasons of a slow working metabolism and a host of other health problems. Detox Plus is made with natural ingredients that help in cleansing colon, liver etc.

Some of the main points highlighted in Raspberry Ketone Plus And Detox Plus Review conducted by includes the following:
- Raspberry Ketone Plus contains 100 mg of raspberry ketones and 8 other fat burners
- Helps boost metabolism and suppresses appetite
- Ensures quick and natural weight loss
- Increases Energy
- Featured on FOX News
- Detox Plus contains natural ingredients like guar gum, oat bran, senna extract, aloe vera leaf powder, rhubarb powder etc.,
- Helps with cleansing of colon, liver, intestines
- Removes parasites and other toxins
- Improves overall health and well being
- Prevents constipation and bloating
- No known side effects
- Positive user reviews
- Complete money back guarantee

“This combination pack from Evolution Slimming has gained immense popularity is one of the best sellers. A highly recommended product for quick weight loss and body detox” says a spokesperson.

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