Raspberry Ketones and Green Tea Make Tea Tone Plus a Powerful Fat Buster

Tea Tone Plus is a unique fat burner that comes with a rare blend of 3 high grade tea varieties and raspberry ketones to ensure quick weight loss.


New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/07/2014 -- Green tea diet pills are quite popular among the weight watchers since green tea is known for its fat busting powers while being natural and safe at the same time.

Tea Tone Plus is a formula that has made green tea diet pills even stronger. This is because it combines green tea extract with peurh extract, oolong extract and raspberry ketones. Raspberry ketones are compounds that are extracted from red raspberries and they are known to boost body’s metabolic rate. Tea Tone Plus not only ensures quick weight loss but also offers a wide range of other health benefits” says a FatBurnSupplements.com spokesperson.

Raspberry ketones are known to have shot to fame with their appearance on a TV show. These compounds are known to have been approved by the FDA since 1965 but their use as a fat burner is quite recent.

Combining green tea extract, puerh extract, oolong extract with raspberry ketones is the formulation of one of the most powerful fat burners on the market today. Green tea extract is known to bust even the most stubborn fat cells in the body. Puerh extract is clinically proven to regulate sugar levels in the body and enhance metabolism. One of its most important benefits is that it can also help reduce LDL cholesterol in the body. This makes it an excellent supplement for improving cardiac health and function.

Oolong tea extract is known to help break down fat cells in the body and also an important role in preventing fact accumulation.

Tea Tone Plus is a safe and natural weight loss supplement that has no side effects” says a FatBurnSupplements.com spokesperson.

Listed below are some of the main points highlighted in Tea Tone Plus Review conducted by FatBurnSupplements.com:

-Helps boost metabolism
-Burns even the most stubborn fat cells
-Reduces appetite
-Prevents fat accumulation
-Ensures quick and natural weight loss
-Helps increase energy and stamina
-Reduces LDL cholesterol
-Helps detoxify body
-No known side effects
-Complete money back guarantee
-Immense customer response

“Tea Tone Plus is a perfect choice for people looking for a natural and safe weight loss supplement. It has been getting amazing reviews from the users” says a FatBurnSupplements.com spokesperson.

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