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A better quality LED light will always give better performance and results.RB Electronics, an LED light manufacturer based in Pune, Maharashtra has been innovating new methods and technologies to make LED products more efficient and appealing to the customers.


Pune, Maharashtra -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/19/2014 -- LED Lights have brought about a new era in the world of lighting. They are said to be more effective and long lasting than the commonly used incandescent and fluorescent lights that are being used. These energy efficient lighting systems are made of tiny glass capsules with a tiny chip on a heat conducting material. The main difference that it is not made up with a filament in a glass bulb or as a glass bulb containing noble gases, has helped making it one of the best among all the light products. The four basic factors that the professionals at RB Electronics concentrate on are:

Increase the Cost Efficiency:
The size of a tiny LED light is much smaller than that of the incandescent or the fluorescent lights that are used otherwise. An average size of a single LED light has been just about 3 to 8 mm. Being so small, these lights cannot only be used for daily use, but can also be used in areas where larger bulbs can not be placed. Unlike other lighting products that distribute light in all directions, LED lights are known for giving out light in a single direction.

Increased Lifespan:
Like any other product, a lighting product too has a performance period within which it gives out its best and may fade away later. It is easy to know that the incandescent or fluorescent has gone off as soon as their filament is broken. In case of LED lights, they start fading away. The life span of an LED light is much more than the ordinary lights. An average life of a high power LED light is about 35,000 to 50,000 hours. The life of the other lighting products is no where close to this.

Low Temperatures:
It is commonly observed that the commonly used fluorescent lights emit 80% of their energy in the form of heat. Thus, they produce a lot of heat along with the light. LED lights are the best remedy for this. They remain cool while giving out maximum possible light. The entire energy is being used for providing light. Thus, LED lights should be preferred in places where light is needed continuously. They will provide efficient lighting, as well as help in keeping the temperature under control.

More Invulnerable:
Unlike other light bulbs that are made up using glass constituents, LEDs are safe to be used and are highly resistant to vibration and breakage. This makes them a strong source of light.

As all the above points, emphasis on the important factors why one should prefer LED lights rather than the common ones, it is also necessary to make sure that an LED light of a higher quality is preferred. The LED lights at RB Electronics are designed to deliver all the above mentioned and a few more additional advantages that will make one want to install these lights right away!

About R B Electronics
RB Electronics was established in the year of 1989. We manufacture Engine Safety Units, Genset Display Units, Automatic Mains Failure Panels and other Customized Automation Solutions for Engines, Generators and other related activities.