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RB Electronics Unfolds Environmental Benefits of LED Lighting

RB Electronics, one of the leading names in the industry, is a company that offers various types of street lights and solar power for homes.


Pune, Maharashtra -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/19/2014 -- LED street lights have replaced those conventional electric lights over the past few years to a great extent and there are significant reasons behind this trend. While these solar street lights are easily installable as well as removable, there are numerous environmental benefits of these lights as they use sunlight as their energy resource.

In a recently held seminar, the experts of the company talked about different environmental benefits of LED lighting. Here are some of them as revealed by the pros:

- It’s a safe and secure form of lighting – All sorts of LED street lights are exceptionally safe and offer a number of health benefits as no sort of hazardous gases or chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. On the contrary, the compact fluorescent lights contain high level of mercury and therefore can lead to serious health diseases when disposed off incorrectly or broken. Again, halogens as well as incandescent bulbs produce ultraviolet (UV) radiation that might cause damage to human skin cells and eyes after prolonged exposure.

- It helps build a greener planet – As the energy consumption by these solar street lights are absolutely minimal, they help to reduce the greenhouse gas emission from different power plants along with the amount of drills and mines that are needed to fuel them. Moreover, using fewer bulbs will ensure reduced usage of resources for packaging, manufacturing, transporting, stocking and distributing.

- LED street lights help reduce health issues and contamination, caused by fluorescent lighting – CFLs and fluorescent lamps contain a huge level of mercury, which is a powerful contaminant and can affect an entire area to a great extent, when released. Due to the poisonous nature of the manufacturing elements of these bulbs, they need to be disposed to specific centers that deal with hazardous materials.

- Lesser heat is produced – As LED lights convert more than 95% of their energy input to light and only 5% is wasted as heat, they are more useful as compared to conventional bulbs that use 95% of their energy as heat.

With these points, the experts emphasized on the benefits of LED lighting and encouraged people to opt for solar power for homes and LED street lights.

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