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Real Estate Marketing Blogs That Are Too Cluttered Hurt Overall Conversions Says Schoenly of Retechulous, LLC

Discover How to Strip Unnecessary Elements from the Site & Maximize Lead Capture


Harrisburg, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/20/2012 -- Reports have shown that real estate marketing blogs which are less cluttered tend to convert at much higher rates. When prospects are presented with too many options, it becomes much easier not to choose anything at all. Therefore, it is important for agents to present information clearly and concisely.

Josh Schoeny of Retechulous, LLC explains, “Take your own property listings for instance. Would you rather start a potential client with 1-3 very targeted properties or a selection of 10 or more? Of course, most know from experience that it’s easier to begin small and work up from there; rather than trying to present everything all at once. Well, the same principle applies to your real estate marketing blog. Instead of having super cluttered side bars or menu options, keeping things simple and direct helps visitors to stay focused on your most important content and lead capture offers.”

Unfortunately, many real estate professionals make the mistake of building sites with a lot of unnecessary color, graphics, links, and tools that can cause people to feel overwhelmed at first glance. Although aesthetically the blog may look good, this does very little to promote conversions.

“A website does not have to be way over the top to look presentable. Platforms such as Wordpress make it super easy to build high quality sites without any compromise. Additionally, this can save a ton of time and money for real estate professionals. Instead of paying a web master for hours of work to create the “ideal” site template, agents can have a highly effective and functional real estate marketing blog up and running in no time. Setting things up with a solid background, minimal graphics, and an organized link structure makes this possible,” reports Schoenly.

To get some further guidance on how to build or improve the current website for maximum conversions, Be sure to visit Schoenly’s site below to get started right away!

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