Relationship Rewind Review - Does It Really Work


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/17/2013 -- Relationship Rewind is a program that teaches people to rekindle their relationships with their significant other. There are many products out there that say they can promise to heal breakups and can get many couples back together, but do they really work? Daniel, a dating program reviewer and a so-called expert in the field of relationships has called relationship rewind “easy to follow and easy to implement.” The program is supposed to work for both men and women and it is supposed to be in a step-by-step format, so that everyone can follow along easily.

Note: The following is an in-depth review of the relationship rewind program, so for those who want to visit the official website go here:

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Daniel’s Story

Daniel’s story is pretty much common when it comes to breakups and healing relationships. He was dating a beautiful and gorgeous girl, but suddenly the relationship started to slide and she seemed to start losing interest in him.

Daniel knew that he couldn’t lose her, because she was just too perfect for him and was the girl that he always dreamed about having next to him when he wakes up in the morning. He decided to get some help from his fellow friends.

A friend of Daniel’s said that he had saved his relationship by using a program called “Relationship Rewind” by Ryan Rivers. This was a good friend of Daniel’s so he trusted his opinion.

He did an online search for the product relationship rewind and look at around for some reviews. He found some good unbiased, Relationship Rewind reviews that were very positive so he decided to purchase the product. As he started reading, he was amazed at the depth of the information in the program and learned a lot along the way.

Relationship Rewind first told Daniel to find out what stage of the relationship he was in. There are four different stages in the program: bliss, shift, drift, and death’s door. The ideal place to be in a relationship is in the bliss stage, where a lot of happy couples reside in. He was then instructed on how to find out what is going wrong with the relationship. He soon realized, with the techniques from the course, that he knew exactly what he did wrong and what exactly caused her to slowly lose interest in him. It also showed him specific methods on reversing this effect and creating even more attraction and interest than before.

Daniel started applying the techniques that were taught in relationship rewind to his girlfriend. Daniel says that he felt she was more drawn to him when he first started using the technique called the “feeling of missing you.”

He was pretty shocked at how well it worked and he later incorporated some great dating strategies to take his girlfriend out on a “perfect date.”

“Relationship Rewind has definitely rekindled our relationship and it continues to be at a stage of bliss, ever since I got the product,” says Daniel.

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The Relationship Rewind Review

The course comes with a ton of material. First, is the core package which is broken into three different steps. There is a separate book for each step and each step is then broken into several sub-categories on its own.

Details of the four different stages:

1. Bliss – A place where all couples want to be. This is moments of pure happiness and joy where passion is almost always present in the relationship.

2. Switch – After a couple has been together for a long period of time, they seem to become “sick” of each other and this is the stage where a partner can actually feel each other changing their feelings about each other.

3. Drift – The breakup stage or where each of the partners don’t spend a lot of quality time together. Their relationship goes into a slow, but steady decline and the two make excuses of not seeing each other often.

4. Death’s Door – This is the stage where the relationship becomes very destructive and often times the hardest to heal. Relationship Rewind however, says that even this stage is reversible.

After the first step, finding what stage a couple is in, is realized, it’s time to go into steps two and three. The three steps are categorized into the follow:

Phase 1 – Finding the stage of the relationship

Phase 2 – Planning of the strategies and communication techniques. This phase takes a couple who is broken up and allows them to find an effective way to reach out to another.

Phase 3 – Dating techniques and getting back to the “Bliss stage” which is the ideal stage for couples.

Pros and Cons of Relationship Rewind


-Whatever stage a couple is in, it is said to be reversible, even at the death’s door stage.
-Helps to improve an already healthy relationship into an even stronger one.
-Step by step instructions and easy to follow formatting
-Included glossary for terms that are unfamiliar


-Some parts are harder to follow than others
-Being at death’s door is said to be harder to rekindle than the other stages, but it can be done.


Daniel from states that “even if you are already in a health relationship, this program can make your relationship even better. I thought I had a great relationship with my girlfriend, before all the problems that had occurred, but it was nothing compared to how the relationship is right now. This course has tremendously improved our relationship and we continue to have a great feeling of “bliss” for each other as we continue in our love life.” Daniel also says “The program works for both men and women of all types. Some sections are separated with a part for men and a part for women as well. Some share the same strategies, while some differentiate completely. There is also no reason why this shouldn’t work for same sex relationships. This would definitely work well on same sex relationships just as it would on men and women couples. Read through the program and start taking action to get great results and a healthy, solid, and long-lasting relationship.”

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