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Peacock feathers have been alluring peahens and people for a very long time; now many more breeds of feather are accessible to all that love its uniquely beautiful properties.


London, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/29/2011 -- Peacock feathers stand proud

It is an interesting quirk of nature that it’s peacock feathers as opposed to peahen feathers that people wish to adorn their headwear but there are many other types of feather, some so soft it is hard to imagine, that are used in the production of boas, fringes, handbags, jackets, stoles, masks and, of course, feather hats.

The Ostrich Feather Manufacturing Company has been working with nature’s brilliant device for flying and keeping birds warm since the 1920s. The organisation utilises many types of feather that come from ostriches, geese, chickens, turkeys, and the tail feathers of roosters known as coque feathers.

Although it is possible to replicate the brilliance of the feather to some extent, natural feathers can be worked to create amazing results. For example, a haberdashery feather can be stripped so that only its glorious tip is left which may be dyed to create an extraordinary effect. It could be that a guinea fowl feather is dyed in such a way that the natural shadings are still visible but the actual colour is considerably enhanced.

Birds of Paradise are protected exotic birds; consequently a great deal of effort has gone into creating imitation birds of paradise feathers that are used in boas. The imitation feathers look and feel like the real thing. Because birds of paradise boas are fake, they can be manufactured to almost any length and are dyed in a variety of colours.

In the wild, there are as many types of feather as there are breeds of birds, with the softest feathers giving the birds warmth and the more rigid feathers, the ones that were used as quills for writing, being the feathers that give the birds flight, in most cases.

The guinea fowl feather is another wonderfully soft feather that can be dyed into almost any colour. Most commonly, guinea fowl feathers are used to create jewellery items, as hair accessories, and to adorn hats. The feathers are beautifully soft and people take great pleasure in stroking them.

Peacock feathers are often used in floral displays and, owing to the unique peacock eye pattern in the feather, peacock feathers are all seeing!

The pheasant feather is ideal for creating soft fringes of natural feather that feels good against the skin. Shades can be entirely natural with colours depending on the breed of pheasant. Other feather fringes are made from goose coquille, turkey, chinchilla coque, mallard, ostrich and guinea fowl feather.

The Marabou Guillet feather down is incredibly soft and feminine and often adorns bridal wear. It can be dyed into a number of colours including ivory, white, cream and black.

Birds of a feather fly together but there are places online where a variety of feathers congregate together in a number of imaginative, stylish and attractive ways.