George Reno

Aquaponics Launches New Website to Help People With Creating Good Freshwater Systems


Newbury Park, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/19/2012 -- Aquaponics, an internet company that is dedicated to showing consumers how to simultaneously produce fruits and vegetables and maintain a freshwater fish system, has recently launched their official website, focuses on how to create or maintain freshwater systems that are eco-friendly and easily sustainable. For those not familiar with the method, the website explains its name as coming from the words “aquaculture” and “hydroponics”. “Aquaculture is the method of growing fish in a close system; while hydroponics is the process of growing fruits and vegetable with water alone. These two traditional methods, when combined, results to aquaponics,” the site explains. By combining these two things, the website is able to create a unique aspect on a sustainable practice that many interested in either aquaculture or hydroponics will want to take a look at. went online in early 2012, but the site is growing in readership and adding to the site information daily. According to the’s owner and publisher, “This site would explain the basics of aquaponics, especially to beginners,” stated George Reno. Reno has created an expert site, though, that can be utilized for beginners and seasoned aquaponic-ites alike. No matter what the level of understanding with aquaculture and hydroponics, consumers interested in both subjects can take something away from the site that they are able to immediately implement.

The launch of allows those seeking to find more information on freshwater systems and how to build or maintain them to finally have a website that discusses the subject comprehensively and extensively. has placed the website at the top position of a market segment and are likely to become the go-to internet location for freshwater systems information.

For more information on aquaponics and the tips and tutorials they offer for creating solid freshwater systems, visit