Smart Cities Market - Projects, Advanced Technologies, Adoptions and Transformations - Worldwide Market Report (2012 – 2017)


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/23/2012 -- Urban population will grow to more than 5 Billion in the next 20 years. As population keeps migrating from rural to urban areas, there is a definite need for critical urban planning in the next decade. As cities grow and expand their services, the management and governance across the city becomes increasingly complex. The major drive to the transformation of this century is the one riddled with social, economic, engineering, and environment challenges.

Smart cities will consist mainly of 6 main pillars which are:
- Smart Economy
- Smart mobility
- Smart Environment
- Smart People
- Smart living
- Smart Governance

A new smart city can be developed or an old city can be converted to a smart city. There are various national governments who have begun investing a lot of capital on creating new smart cities and converting old cities to smart cities.

Markets Covered
The Smart Cities market is rapidly building on the new exponential demand for intelligent living. This demand is opening a segmented market for smart cities by-
- Applications
- Industry Services
- Technologies
- Geographies

Key Takeaways
- Global Smart Cities market identification
- Identify market trends and opportunities from 2011-16
- Indentify major market driving factors and inhibitors
- Insight on Collaboration, agreements of industry leaders
- Insight on ongoing projects for the Smart Cities
- Insight on Value chain and revenue cycle
- Competitive landscape of key players in the market
- To identify the major stakeholders in the market
- To analyze the trends and opportunities in major regions, viz. U.S, Europe, and APAC

Stake Holders
- National/state/Municipal leadership
- Real estate/ property developers
- IT Suppliers
- Utilities services provider
- Networking and Telecommunication companies
- Building management system providers
- Grid infrastructure service provider

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