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Natural Skin and Beauty Care Web Site Launches New Line of Products

Natural skin and beauty care web site launches new line of products


Peoria, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2007 -- NaturOli™: The result of natural selection. That’s the tag line and the philosophy behind a new, naturally focused line of skin and beauty care products. Unveiled September 1st, 2007, available exclusively online and at their Olive Park facility. NaturOli Beautiful, LLC has produced a diverse array of proprietary skincare and beauty-care products available to anyone searching for an alternative to synthetically produced and chemically laden beauty products.

“We have developed 100% custom formulas,” says company co-founder and president, Chris Sicurella. “…we identified a growing need for a healthy alternative in the skincare and personal beauty marketplace. It’s time for a change.” The new company has launched with a varied array of soaps, lotions and crèmes for today's health-conscious consumer. The ingredients range from goat's milk and hemp oil to Himalayan salt and coconut oils, but emphasis is placed on three “key” olive derivatives. "The olive tree is simply a wondrous gift to us from Mother Nature. The benefits it brings us are truly amazing. Our ancestors knew it. The reality is you could eat most of our products," reflects Mr. Sicurella, adding joyfully, "though they wouldn't taste very good!"

The company takes the term ‘environmentally friendly’ to heart. “All our packaging is recyclable or bio-degradable…” says company co-founder Donna Harris. “From our manufacturing processes, to production, to your door, we believe there’s a better way to treat customers and a better way to do business. After all, it’s the only world we’ve got, so we better care of it.”

Developed with a fully independent scientist, NaturOli looks to take a commanding share of the fast growing, health-conscious marketplace. “Honesty and integrity are paramount,” says Mr. Sicurella, “we fully disclose all of our ingredients. They contain no harmful chemicals. NaturOli takes ingredients used for literally thousands of years and re-introduces them to today’s 21st century consumer. I think we’ve just forgotten that everything we really need is already here. You just need to know where to look.”

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