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Bayut's Take on International City and How It Can Attract More Prospects

Bayut is the leading Dubai real estate portal that has its fair share of experts of the industry. In light of the recent news that has been pouring in on Dubai rentals, experts at Bayut have voiced their opinion on the performance of International City and how exactly the development can do better.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/20/2012 -- Dubai real estate has shown evident signs of recovery which is very nicely reflected in various reports and stats as well. According to a recently published survey, not only has Dubai property market performed better than the likes of London and Jakarta, but it has shown signs of massive recovery. As per experts, Dubai realty market is recovering at a faster pace than first imagined, surprising international experts, who had lost faith back in late 2000s when the economic crisis hit, across the board.

While many of Dubai’s developments have performed remarkably well, International City, amongst a few other projects have shown slow progress.

The experts at Bayut have their say about the International City in Dubai and propose how it can do better. Dubai International City is a one of a kind project that is designed to offer expats a home away from home. The various districts in the project depict the culture and the architect of different countries of the world and offer a lifestyle that is fit for the natives and nations of those countries.

A huge chunk of Dubai’s popular is comprised of expats. It’s easy to get the blues and be nostalgic when you are so far away from your home.

International City Dubai in this regards is a priceless development that lets you stay there and have the feel of your native country.

Despite all of these things, Dubai International City has failed to fully capitalize on its potential. Experts at Bayut reckon that by addressing some of the issues faced by the residents.

Studies show that developments which are doing fabulously well in some of the posh areas of Dubai are reaping good returns because they offer a quality that is not available anywhere else. Adding to the value of construction in Dubai International City can significantly lift its value. Offering better amenities can also fix part of the problem. Taking care of the various issues of the development can pave the road for International City towards a better future.

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