Online Shopping Habits of Business Executives in North America, 2012-2013


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2012 -- According to the survey, ‘online retailing’, ‘department stores’ and ‘drug stores and health and beauty stores’ are the top three retail channels as identified by the respondents. Regardless of annual income, ‘online retailing’ and ‘department stores’ are considered the leading retail channels for shopping in the North American region. Moreover, according to the survey, products in the ‘electrical and electronics’, ‘sports and leisure’, and ‘music, video and entertainment’ categories are purchased online ‘every few months’, as identified by 64%, 54% and 49% of respondents respectively.

In total, business executives identify that 48% of their overall monthly shopping for ‘music, video and entertainment’ products occurs at online retail stores. In addition, business executives highlight that 45% and 36% of their total monthly purchases of ‘books, news and stationery’ and ‘electrical and electronics’ products are online transactions.

According to North American business executives, on average, 81% of their online purchases are ‘planned’, while the remaining 19% are identified as ‘impulsive’. Overall, 52% of business executives stated that ‘81% and above’ of online purchases are planned, whereas, 58% of business executives stated that ‘20% and below’ of online purchases are impulsive.

Overall, 43% of business executives spend between ‘US$51–100’ per visit on shopping online, while 32% spend between ‘US$21–50’ per visit when purchasing goods and services through the online medium. Regardless of the current economic downturn, online retailing continues to be one of the fastest growing retail channels in North America. According to eMarketer, customers in North America continue to increase their spending towards online shopping in 2012 and the company projects a 10.5% growth in 2012, compared to 2011, in average US retail ecommerce sales per internet user.

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