The Famous Big Five of South Africa


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/02/2010 -- South Africa is a colorful, vibrant and thrilling country. There is a lot to see and do here. Whether it is the scenic beaches, the raving mountains or the exquisite wildlife, South Africaholds a record of highest tourism ratio for centuries. Daily, numberless carriers fly to the African continent, including top 5 star alliance airlines to the nascent 2 or 3 star airlines offering all kinds of fares and price ranges that can fit any budget. However, after recession imposed fall on tourism activity in the region, the market of cheap fares has gained momentum. Cheap flights to South Africa, SALE on airfares, promotional offers on flights or cheap tickets to South Africa have left behind worries of which you are flying with, but what you are offered! Yet, there are some top airlines like the British Airways, Qatar, South African Airways and Etihad offering cheap flights to South Africa with good standards and affordability combined.

Where tourism has substantially enhanced the economy of this travel capital of the world, there at the same time it has posed grave threat to the wild life of South Africa. The country has a vast yet; painful history of large scale hunting, where animals were killed and their skins and tusks were taken as souvenirs or trading goods. It’s not a long time that the use of animal made good / garments is discouraged in the West, only a few decades ago the fashion was supposed to be incomplete without fur and jewelry, with out the ivory.

The large scale massive hunting and expansion of human colonies into the centuries old forests narrowed down all the possibilities of life and shelter for animals. The top endangered species of South Africa were termed as the Big Five. They were also the top hunted animals. Some for leather, tusk or some just for the sake of hunting down a fierce carnivore, who was only fierce because of the unwarned human activates and expansions of colonies to his home.

Originally, the term 'Big Five' was used by Hunters. It refers to five of Africa's greatest wild animals - lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. The term "Big Five" invokes a thrill, romance and excitement of Africa's exotic destinations and experiences. The existence of these animals and the efforts laid out to date, in saving their land are all remarkable.

Today, line the Sydney Opera House for Australia, or Taj Mahal for India, the ‘Big five’ have become identity of South Africa. South Africa is magical, with the golden sunsets over the wide horizons, the pride of lions stalking their preys, buffaloes strolling to water hole, elephants playing and caressing each other with their spouts, leopards with their fancy gate and rhino which are almost extinct, with their extraordinary horns and bad temper.

The Big Five are considered as the legends of the wilds; a trip to South Africa is incomplete without spotting and getting them photographed.