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Bella Mama Advise On The Importance Of Choosing Comfortable Nightwear During Pregnancy


Macclesfield, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2010 -- Bella Mama, a leading supplier and distributor of breastfeeding clothes and tops in the United Kingdom, are advising the public on the benefits that choosing comfortable maternity and nursing nightwear can be during a pregnancy.

After giving birth, finding the right kind of nightwear to feel comfortable in again can be quite a task. New mothers are likely to spend most of their time in nightwear due to the new arrival's irregular sleep patterns and it is essential that new mother's choose the appropriate maternity clothes that keep them comfortable and offer ease of accessibility if breastfeeding.

Bella Mama has a range of stylish maternity wear available through their website that is practical and also offers easy cup access. Their range includes styles by Belabumbum, Annee Matthew, Melba Maternity, Moody mamas and more, all of which look elegant and graceful but offer the essential functionalities a new mother requires. Easy drop cup access or wrap access is important in nursing tops, as is comfortable, soft fabrics. They must also be easy to wash as spillages are certainty with a new baby on the scene!

"It's important for new mother's to choose the correct breastfeeding clothes when they have just given birth. Functionality is very important for the benefit of the baby, but for mothers looking to quickly bounce back into action, beautiful clothes can help to restore confidence levels and make a new mum feel more like herself again quickly," says Kirsten Baxter, creator of Bella Mama. "We have an extensive range of evening and maternity clothes for new mothers to buy through our Bella Mama website, and we can also help advise mums to be on what clothes will best suit them during and post-pregnancy."

To find out more about Bella Mama and the nursing clothes and products they offer, visit their website at or telephone 01260 252 625 during normal office hours.

The brainchild of Kirsten Baxter, Bella Mama is a family-run business which stocks the best dual-purpose maternity and breastfeeding tops in the United Kingdom. Bella Mama was inspired by the birth of Kirsten's second child in March 2007, when she realised there were no stylish or comfortable, fashionable clothes for mothers wishing to breastfeed in public. Bella Mama supplies the best breastfeeding clothes with stretchy fabrics, yet with easy nursing access.