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A-S Cobb & Brown Recluse Entertainment Ventures Launch Public Relations Web Site for “ASC Me Public Relations” aka “ASC Me PR” ASCobb AS-Cobb


January 1, 2006

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2006 -- “Mr. A-S Cobb,” founder of Brown Recluse Entertainment Ventures and “ASC Me Public Relations” also known as “ASC Me PR,” launched the public relations web site, which is to focus mainly on Publicity and Marketing services for artists such as Singers, Rappers, Actors, Comedians, Dancers, Writers and the like as well as inventors, restaurants and other businesses looking to gain exposure for their product, craft, service or business. “ASC Me PR” also handles Artist Development.

“Everyone has a story. ASC me Public Relations wants to help tell yours.” Mr. A-S Cobb, Founder.

Mr. A-S Cobb has graced stages in Los Angeles as a stand-up comedian, poet/spoken word artist and MC. He has also produced talent showcases, cable shows and fashion shows. Naturally, being a Publicity, Marketing and Public Relations Agent was part of the job. Stepping out of the lime light so to speak, he wants to use all the tools gained from these ventures to “pump up” the little man via the “ASC Me PR.” The firm plans to do this by continuously striving to serve the elite which enables “ASC Me PR” to reach out and serve the underserved communities of up and coming artists and businesses.

2006 will see the site transition over to its own server. Until such time, it is up and fully functional; even interactive. Users may submit requests for their marketing and public relations needs directly from the site.

Like many A-S Cobb has jumped aboard the marketing phenomenon that is MySpace. He can be found among the millions of members @ and his stand out member name “I’m Your Publicist, Bitch!” That’s A-S Cobb for ya. He says “Yes, I did anticipate negative reactions to that title. I thought about it. The people I want to work with and for will find humor in that and not pick it the hell apart. It’s sooo minor. There are far greater things to which we can devote our time, even worry if you will.”

Press Contact:

A. S. Cobb
ASC Me Public Relations
Los Angeles & San Francisco