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tyGraph Analytics for Yammer Is Announcing General Availability of Their New Services Offering

Microsoft Convergence, Atlanta Georgia – UnlimitedViz Inc.


Waterloo, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/19/2015 --tyGraph is currently leveraged by some of Yammer's largest and most active networks to provide actionable analytics for Yammer Community managers and Group managers. tyGraph currently ships as a private cloud offering for organizations where security policies preclude having data hosted by third party analytics company.

Today, we are announcing the general availability of 'tyGraph as a Service' where tyGraph is hosted in a friction free ready to run Microsoft Azure environment. Customers who sign-up for tyGraph as a service will be able to gain access to the entire corpus of their Yammer activity in an enriched PowerBI based browser interface.

"We are leveraging Microsoft's secure Azure Data Center to ensure our customer data is always protected." says John P. White CTO of UnlimitedViz. "Data security and privacy were at the forefront of our design considerations when building our tyGraph SaaS offering".

"The very large organizations that we deal with will likely never relinquish custody of their data to a 3rd party, however were seeing a growing demand for enterprises who have made the leap to the cloud so they can get the job done without the need for heavy IT investments" says Dean Swann –VP of Customer Success. "This release will allow us to sign-up a customer and have them ready to run within hours not days."

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