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Food for Thought: Helping Millennials Change the World Through Mindful Eating

Gen Y is choosing healthy, socially-conscious diets over GMOs. Millennial Magazine is helping them do it.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/15/2015 --In an age of diet fads, big agriculture, and genetically modified food, Millennial Magazine is working to provide clarity. Ranked as a Top 100 Digital Media Influencer for Millennials by the National Security Council, this fresh news and lifestyle brand looks at more than trends; it dissects popular ideas, busts myths, and promotes the new lifestyles of a healthy, socially conscious generation.

As expected, the site is run by a millennial, editor-in-chief Britt Hysen, who describes the digital publication as a "Forbes meets Life magazine with a social impact twist." It approaches health-conscious lifestyles from all angles: culture, life hacks, news, and – of course – health, diet, and mindful consumption.

Recent issues have covered the benefits of drinking raw milk, easy hacks for improving sleep in this digital age, and recipes that turn something unhealthy (like a hamburger) into a healthy meal (like a gourmet black bean burger.) Articles range from breaking down the latest dieting trends (Paleo, Gluten Free, and even "Smartphone Diets") to highlighting the work of an "edible cannabis chef."

Millennials want to be informed about the way they are living and how it affects the world around them. A 2010 marketing study conducted by Cone, Inc. and AMP found that [millennials] are "civic-minded and active participants" in society and strive to make "a lasting, positive impact on the future." This includes leveraging their purchasing power to influence the global economy – from protesting agricultural giant, Monsanto, for health reasons to boycotting a number of corporations to incite social change. Even altering one's dietary habits is now a practice of social consciousness. Many are moving toward a more natural, organic way of living, where they can identify the source of their food – local or otherwise. That way they can monitor, to some extent, the treatment of animals, fruits and vegetables, the workers cultivating them, and the residents living near those farms who might be affected by its practices.

In a current article on raw milk, journalist Alexandra Zuccaro writes: "Cows that are raised eating natural, fresh grass produce more essential fatty acids in their milk than cows that are simply fed grain. They also live longer and are not forced to undergo the harsh conditions involved in 'factory farms.'" Like many of the magazine's other articles, Zuccaro delves into the nutritious benefits in additon to the social impact of milk consumtion.

Other lead writers are also boldly speaking out against genetically modified organisms used in big agriculture, and continue to highlight ways millennials can circumvent GMO foods, such as through home hydroponics, "Food Forests," and neighborhood farming. Another recent article tackles the "gluten-free epidemic" and the reasons behind the rise in celiac disease, pointing out the potential link to genetically altered foods.

To its community, Millennial Magazine is a refreshing swim from the clutter and "click bait" of other digital media, and provides what most millennials are looking for: a holistic supplement and guide to the new lifestyle they desire. Enough perusing and readers eventually notice there is a call-and-answer in almost every article: a call for better living and an answer consistent with mindful practices.

MiLLENNiAL Magazine is an image-centric digital platform for young adults founded by editor-in-chief, Britt Hysen. With a socially minded Forbes-meets-Life format, MiLLENNiAL curates news and cultural trends and seeks to honor "average individuals with inspirational stories," as well as millennial celebrities, entrepreneurs and activists working for positive change.

Britt Hysen, editor-in-chief, can be contacted by email at: